Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Who Is Your Favorite Celebrity

My favorite celebrity is Denzel Washington! In fact I kinda live by this little saying called What Would Denzel Do. It's a weird thing I do but I'll share it with you as best I can....

I'm sure you have all heard the saying "What would Jesus Do." Well if you read the bible and see the 10 commandments it's real easy to see what Jesus would do. So now I ask myself "What would Denzel do?" Denzel Washington is fine fine fine and when you watch his movies it's real easy to see what he would do. He always has a job, takes care of his kids, never hits a woman, is educated, and believes in God. So now when I meet a man and watch how he acts in the world I gauge it to Denzel. If Denzel wouldn't act that way then no man of mine will either.

It's not asking for a lot really and it's not that hard do what Denzel does. I just don't want a man I want a whole man. I want someone that brings a whole complete person to a union with me. I want a man that isn't broken and can make it in the world fine without me. So when I get sick of looking at broken men and start to feel myself settling for less I pop in a Denzel movie and remind myself "What Would Denzel Do".

So that is why Denzel is my favorite! Who is your favorite celebrity and why?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Where is your favorite vacation destination?

My favorite vacation destination is Las Vegas! I have been to Vegas a couple of times now and just really love to vacation there. I'm not so big on gambling which is odd I know. But I love the fact that there is such a variety of activities in Vegas. You can hit M&M World and get some free treats and maybe shake it with the yellow M&M or you can take in a Cirque De Soleil show! I love Cirque De Soleil!!! Fascinating. You can visit Hoover Dam or a showing of Thunder from Down Under! I've seen the Titanic Exhibit in Vegas as well as the Monet's at the Bellagio Museum. Which goes to show that Vegas is not only entertaining but also educational... :-)

I think it is also important to note that there are numerous free activities in Vegas! We all love free. Fremont Street puts on some awesome free shows and a great light display after dark. Not to mention that almost every hotel on the strip offers some free activity or event. You just have to wander around and find them. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of money or a little you can find some cool stuff to do. So Vegas is where I love to go! There is something for everyone!!!

Where do you all like to visit?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

What Three Words Would You Use To Describe Yourself

The three words I would use to describe myself are Dedicated, Loving, and Fun....

That was an easy question.....

What words would you use to describe yourself?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Who Makes You Laugh The Most?

My mom makes me laugh the most. She has to be the funniest person I know. She tells hilarious jokes which is great. But most of all her physical humor is the BEST! She does great impressions! In fact one time in Branson she was doing her impression of Edith Ann from Saturday Night Live and people actually thought it was a show! They didn't know she was just a fool being funny. They almost paid her!!! She also does a great impression of the Raptor dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Complete with jumping up on the table. Very very funny gal!!!

So who makes you laugh the most? Also on Sunday's I'm gonna answer one of your questions. So if you have one leave it in the comments and I'll answer it tomorrow.

Friday, August 25, 2006

What Is Your Most Prized Possession?

My most prized possession is my camera! I don't think I could live without it. In fact I have two cameras. One amazing camera and then one good digital. While they are great cameras I would be happy with just a simple camera. As long as I can take pictures I'm a pretty happy girl.

Thanks again to all that have left comments. It was fun reading about your first memories. So what is your most prized possession?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

What Is Your First Memory

I have two memories from about the same time period. I'm not sure which one is first so I'll have to tell you both of them.

I was probably 3 or 4 and one of the memories is of my Dad and I. He went to work really early in the morning and I would try to get up to see him before he left. Sometimes I would sit with him while he ate breakfast and then go back to bed. But every single morning when I woke up at my usual time, long after he had gone to work I would find a little debbie snack on my nightstand. He would put it in a little orange tupperware cup and leave it for me. Nothing like chocolate for breakfast!

My other memory is of my Mom and I. My mom would have tea parties with me. She would pretend to be Hazel and I would pretend to be Gertrude. We would drink orange juice (tea) and eat crackers. She would always talk with a funny accent and inevitably at the end of each tea party klutzy Hazel would fall into the toy box. It always made me laugh!

So what is your first memory?

When Were You Born

I was born on June 30th, 1980! It was a hot day from what I've been told. While me being born was a pretty big deal to some people a lot of other things were happening in the world then. Here are just a few of the highlights!

Ronald Reagan was elected president

John Lennon died

Gas was about $1.20 a gallon

The Phillies won the world series

Funky Town was playing on the radio

Cole Miner's Daughter was the movie to see

So now it's your turn! When were you born and what is one thing that happened in that year?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Beginning

The whole reason I'm starting this blog is because I feel lost. I thought my life was clearly defined. I thought I knew where I was going and what I was doing. I thought I really knew who I was and what I wanted out of life.

That changed. Something happened that I'm not going into here. It's written elsewhere. But it happened. It changed me. And I'm lost now.

So I have to find myself somewhere. I have to redefine myself. I have to figure out who I am and what makes me well ME! So while I'm doing that why don't we all do that. Why don't we take a little journey together and figure some things out....

I'm gonna try each day to post a question and answer it. Just a simple question each day. I'm gonna answer it. Simple! Maybe if I ask and answer enough questions I'll get to know me. That's my part.

Your part is fun! What you all get to do is answer the questions too. But even better you get to pick the questions sometimes. Not all the time but sometimes. I'll do my best to answer your questions. So leave comments, ask questions, and let's have some fun!!!