Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Have You Ever Been Fingerprinted and Why

Well today I was fingerprinted. It's the first time I've ever had that done. It was kinda weird. Very messy! But the guy at the police station that did the prints was very nice and funny.

I am in the process of adopting a baby from Ethiopia and I have to be fingerprinted as part of the home study process. So at least it wasn't due to being in trouble. They probably aren't as friendly when you are in trouble...

So have you ever been fingerprinted and for what?

Monday, January 29, 2007

When Was The Last Time You Climbed A Fence and Why

The last time I climbed a fence was about a year ago. For some reason my key would not work in my front door. So I had to climb my fence to get in the backyard so I could go in the back door. I remember it was raining and really really cold and I was pissed off! At no point do I want to climb a fence late at night in the rain!

So when was the last time you climbed a fence and why were you climbing it?

Who Is Visiting Via The Carnival

The PPP Postie Carnival is up and running! Marcus did a great job putting everything together! Thanks!!! Welcome to all you new readers. Please leave comments and I'll swing by your blogs too.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

What Part Of The Newspaper Do You Always Read

I always read the daily record section of the newspaper. This is the section that lists the arrests, court dates, and hospital admits and dismissals. It also has the obituaries and birth announcements. I have to read this section. I always go to it first and check to see if any of my clients have been arrested for something or had a court date. You would be shocked how often I find someone I know... Crazy.

So what part of the newspaper do you always read?

Who Has Visted These Blogs

I have visited the blogs listed below and I enjoy them very much! In fact I would recommend that you go and pay a visit. Play nice, leave comments, and make some new friends. Isn't the blogging world fun!

A Day In The Life Of... This is a great blog about the trials and tribulations of an Army Mom! She even helps the troops by listing exactly what items they need so you can send care packages! How cool is that!!!

Organic and Natural Health is a blog that you need to visit if you are trying to get healthy! She gives you some great information about The 6 doctors of nature.

So have you visited these blogs yet?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

How Would You Spend $100 If You Just Found It

If I just found $100 on the ground or it just fell out of the sky I would spend it on me. I would spend it on something nice or fun or relaxing. I'd probably get a massage... or maybe I would get a some books that I have on my wish list... or I might save it for spring so I could spend it on flowers. That would work.

So if you just happened to find $100 how would you spend it?

Do You Know Belisi

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Peter Belisi is hot right now. People are talking about him and his clothes and his websites. The man has class and style and flair. Things I like! What I love is that so many of his handbags, shoes and clothes are bright and fun but still have a professional pulled together look to them. That is hard to pull of sometimes but he does it. He now has a website that is pretty awesome. The website displays some of his great items, Hollywood happenings, info on who is wearing what and how you can pull it off too. So stop by, get some advice and don't forget who Belisi is.

So do you know Belisi?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Do You Think It Is Okay To Take Your Own Snacks To The Movies

Yes I think it is okay to take your own snacks to the movies. I don't think it is okay to get caught. There is a fine art to sneaking in treats. What you do is pop your popcorn at home. Place it in a Ziploc bag and make sure it is sealed tight. Then place it into your over sized purse. Do not place the sodas in the same purse. That makes the popcorn cold faster! You put the cans of soda in your hoody pocket and keep your coat zipped until you are in the theater. If you want candy you can put that in the purse. So that's how you do it folks. It will save you big money! Aren't you glad I could help ya!!!

So do you think it is okay to take your own snacks to the movies?

Monday, January 22, 2007

What Is Your Dream Car

Well I have a couple dream cars. But the big dream car right now is the Nissan Skyline GT-R. In fact I haven't driven a Nissan that I didn't love. I had a Sentra for years and loved it. Then my dream car was the Altima. But now that they have introduced the Skyline it has moved to the top of my list. I'd like to get one when I get done with grad school. Until I can have one of my own I think I'll just visit the Skyline GT-R forums and dream a little bit!

So what is your dream car?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Is The Presidental Election Buzz Bothering You Yet

Some folks I know are already annoyed by the presidental election buzz. Everyone and there dog is forming exploratory committees it seems. Will it be Hillary... Obama.... John McCain.... Sam Brownback (he's from Kansas)... Honestly the buzz doesn't bother me. I'm getting excited. I love presidental elections. I love the debates, the discussion, and the honestly I like the drama a little bit. It's exciting to know that change is coming... God knows we need it!!!

So is the buzz bothering you?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Have You Ever Been Stuck In An Elevator

I have been stuck in an elevator on one occassion. I was in undergrad and was taking the elevator to class. The power went out and I and one other girl in my class were stuck in the elevator for about an hour. At first I was a little freaked out but after a coule minutes it wasn't so bad. We just talked and joked around and I'm sure we had a way better time than we would have had if we had been in our history class. I'm glad the elevator wasn't packed though. That wouldn't have been fun at all!

So have you ever been stuck in an elevator?

Have You Seen The Apple iPhone

I have seen some cool pictures of the Apple iPhone. It looks really fun! Since Lena, my dog, has chewed the heck out of my cell phone and I need a new one I think the iPhone may be the one for me! The Apple iPhone is due out sometime this summer. So I may try to hold out on buying a new phone until then. I have signed up for email updates so I will know as soon as the phone is available to buy!

So have you seen the Apple iPhone and would you buy one?


The Bestest Blog Carnival is coming up again. If you want to enter you need to head over there and submit your post! The topic this go around is your favorite meme. It should be a lot of fun. So make sure you get entered and then don't forget to plan on visiting folks and finding some fun new blogs!

Have You Heard About This Guy

I've recently heard about this guy that renamed Halfway, Oregon. It's now known as, Oregon! How funny is that. Now he has written a book about it called Buzzmarketing. I just wonder how he convinced the citizens in Halfway that a change to would be a good idea... He is also a professional speaker now.

Have you ever heard of this guy or have you ever heard of, Oregon?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What Is The First Movie You Saw In A Theater

I remember seeing 101 Dalmations and E.T. in the theater. I was pretty young for both of them and don't remember which one I saw first. I remember my Dad and Uncle John took me to 101 Dalmations and my mom and dad took me to E.T. I think I fell asleep during 101 Dalmations but I remember watching all of E.T. I really liked that movie!

So what was the first movie you saw in a theater?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Did You Watch American Idol

I did watch American Idol! I'm so excited that it is on again. I miss it a little bit during the off season. I really enjoy the first couple weeks and the last couple weeks the most. I like watching the really crappy crazy people and then I like watching it when the last few get really good. Hopefully it will be a good season. I really kinda want a girl to win this year....

So did you watch American Idol tonight?

Do You Want A Spoofcard

This post is sponsored by They have a rather interesting and possibly dangerous product. With the spoofcard you can change what people see on their caller id, disguise your voice, and record phone calls. While it would be a fun gadget to use to prank some friends or goof around I could also see the downfalls. I could see one of my clients using this product to really screw with people. The way it is used is really determine by the type of person who purchases it and what their intentions are.

So would you want a spoofcard?

Monday, January 15, 2007

If They Made A Movie About Your LIfe What Would The Title Be

If someone made a movie about my life the title would be... God Said Ha! I would be played by Rosie O'Donnell. My sister would have to be Lila Sobeski and my mom would be Diane Keaton. I don't know who would play my dad or any of my other family members or friends.

So if there was a movie made about your life what would the title be and who would play you?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Who Was Your Favorite Teacher

I have been very fortunate when it comes to teachers. I had so many great teachers throughout my school years. So I have to pick a few....

Elementary school was full of good teachers. But the standout was Mr. Kirk. He was my fifth grade teacher and he was great. He really made learning fun! He had creative projects, a great sense of humor and he really made you feel like you could do anything. Great man!

Middle school was hard for me. In fact I hated middle school. But Mrs. McDonald was a great teacher. She taught communications classes, drama, and speech. She was the director for all the school plays and I was in each one. I loved her. She was killed in a car accident when I was in high school and her funeral was so big people had to stand outside. She made an impression on so many people.

High school was worse then middle school for me. I spent a lot of time skipping class and acting like an ass when I was there. Finally I was able to go to an alternative highschool and I met Ms. Lockyear. She was FUNNY! She taught all my English classes and walked me through the classics. I loved to read and loved to listen to her describe all the great works. She still teaches and I get to see her every once in awhile when I go to visit kids on my caseload at school. Yes I've thanked her for being so great!

So those are my favorite teachers. Who was your favorite teacher?

Do You Need A Barn Cam

********This post is sponsored by********

Becki my office mate at work is married to Matt. Matt is a good old boy, he farms, he runs cattle, and he operates his own feed business. He and Becki both get very serious about their cattle. They have spent hours hunting for a calf and when it's cold they haul fresh water constantly so the cows don't get thirsty. They take the cows very serious. Whenever anything happens to the cows they get very upset. Which is why I think they need BarnCams. Then they could keep an eye on the cattle and not worry so much.

So do you need a barn cam?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

What Is Your Favorite Age

I think my favorite age so far has been 25. That was a pretty good year for me. But I'm really looking forward to 29. Everyone I know says that 29 is the best year. I've been looking forward to it since I turned 20. So I'm getting closer. My dad used to write in my birthday cards only 6 only 5 only however more years till you are 29. So I'm counting down the days. Only a couple more years left!

So what is your favorite age?

Which Online Dating Service Is The Best

******This post is sponsored by*******

A couple weeks ago I asked you all if you would meet someone from online. Many of you said yes. In fact many of you told me that online dating is how you connected with your boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses. So it's working for you all. So now the big question is which dating service is the best one. There is now a site that will allow you to compare online dating services. The site allows users to rate and review different dating services they have used. Then by utilizing the different reviews a visitor could determine which dating service is right for them.

So which online dating service do you think is the best?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Who Is Your Best Friend

My very best friend would be Darby who I have nicknamed Darbis. I give nicknames to all the people I love the most. It's just something I do. So Darbis is that bestest friend for a million and one reasons. She can make me laugh so hard and she is a great listener. She is a super mom and wife and one hell of a great social worker and soon to be nurse. She is beautiful and caring and kind and straight forward. So she is just the bestest friend ever.

So who is your best friend?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Have You Heard Of This Website

I stumbled upon this website today and you have to visit it! The site just launched on January 8th so it is very new but really is a great idea. What they do is provide independant artists an outlet to showcase their music. Then listeners, like me, and hopefully you can come and check out the new music. For just launching they have a pretty good selection of artists and I had fun searching through the different genres. I really like independent artists. I love that they are still hungry and work so hard to put out fresh music. So this is a site that I have now bookmarked as a favorite.

Since the site did just release not all of their features are up yet. But some of the upcoming features include a music player so you can manage all your favorite artists, a play list editor, a page builder and a CD creator. So I know that even though they are already off to a great start they will have even more great features to come. Something to look forward to.

So had you heard of this website before this post?

Are You Having Problems Leaving Comments

The last couple of blogs that I've visited and tried to leave comments on have not let me. For some reason I enter all the little letters for the security thing and it says I have them wrong. I tried three different times and each time it said the letters weren't right. I don't get it. I'm paid attention and made sure it was right. So crazy! I hate those letter things. Really how much do they help? I don't have them on my comment section because I think they are annoying... This is the first time I've really had to much of a problem with them though. I wonder if it's a system problem?

So are you having problems leaving comments?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Who Wants To Be Asian

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I don't know that I want to be Asian but I do want to learn more about the Asian culture. I have a large number of Asian clients right now and really know very little about the culture. Which is odd since my dad was married to an Asian woman for awhile. I was younger then and didn't pay attention much I guess. But this site that I found offers quite a bit of information about the Asian community, news, fashion, and entertainment. Very helpful and interesting.

What Book Are You Reading

I know that I have done this question before but I'm doing it again. I figure that this is a constantly changing answer and it is a great way for you all to give me some ideas about what books you enjoy and what ones I should try.

I am reading Saving Graces by Elizabeth Edwards. This book is amazing. If you have ever lost someone you loved this is the book to read. She gets it when it comes to grief. It's the first book I've read that I've felt like it really described the way I feel. She also has amazing stories about her life, political adventures, creating a family, and how to reach out to others. So I would recommend it!

Please let me know what book are you reading?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Do You Need A Digital Camera

**********This Is A Paid Post**************

I have a digital camera but I'm always looking for a new one. I take so many pictures and enjoy it so much that I'm always on the hunt for something nicer, newer, and better quality. I've found a site that can help with my hunting...

If you are looking for digital camera news then you may want to take the time to visit They offer the latest reviews of different digital cameras and can really help make the decision making around what camera to buy a little bit easier for you.

They have reviews for Canon and Olympus brand cameras that include all of the specs for each camera. I find that to be the most helpful. I get overwhelmed trying to figure out the differences and compare cameras sometimes. So this makes it pretty easy. You can quickly determine which camera has the options you need. Saves you time hunting and time getting frustrated at the store. It also saves you money because if you are anything like me you will end up switching cameras pretty often so you can have the best quality. Taking the time to do the research in advance can save you from having to replace a camera before you really need to.

Do you need to know...

I don't know if you need to know about these things but I'm sharing them with you.

The deadline to enter the Bester Blog Carnival is fast approaching. To enter you need to have your submissions in no later than 11:59 on January 10th. That's tomorrow!

The PPP Postie carnival is coming up also. Please click here to enter. The deadline for this carnival is January 14th.

Also here are a couple of new bloggers that I hope you will visit. If you do pay them a visit let them know that I say happy blogging. They are Quenten and Craig.

Thanks for all the visiting and comments lately! I've really enjoyed all the answers to my questions. If you can think of a question for me make sure to leave it in the comments and I will get it answered.

Who Needs Some Makeup

*****************This Is A Paid Post *******************************

Okay so let's be honest... I don't really need makeup. In fact I don't really "need" much of anything. But I found a great site that sure does make me want a few things....

Bisou Cosmetics that is sponsoring this post has a really fun interactive website and store. Look at how cute their site is! I love the design and found it really easy to navigate and find the items I was interested in. The layout is different from most online stores which is nice. Sometimes I get tired of going to different stores that really all look the same. They did a good job being unique with the design element.

Bisou Cosmetics recently reopened this summer and they are offerring kits and discount cards. So not only do you get to find some cute new stuff but you can get it at a bargain price. You know how much I love bargains!

I was able to find some cute eyeshadow that I liked. Doesn't it look pretty! I think I might "want" this pretty badly... . A girl can never have too much eyeshadow!

I also found some lip glaze that is pretty. Again I think I really "want" it! There were a couple of different colors that I really liked so I know I'm gonna have a hard time picking just one. Decisions to be made!

So if you are needing or wanting some makeup head over to Bisou Cosmetics and take a look around.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Which Name Do You Like

Heather and I are trying to name our new puppy and we are having a hard time. We have it narrowed down to a few names so maybe you all can help us.. Please of these three names which one is your favorite...




Keep in mind she is a yellow lab and that my other dogs name is Lena.

Thanks for the help!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

What Have You Done This Weekend

I've spent the weekend getting to know my niece Mattie. She is pretty amazing. I've also spent the weekend playing with puppies! My brother's lab has a litter of 10 right now. So it's a little bit of heaven at his house. A baby and 10 puppies. Who could ask for more. I love puppies. Heather has already picked out a beautiful puppy for herself. She still has to name her and let her grow a bit. Shawn will bring her to us in Kansas in March when they come to have Mattie baptized. So Lena is gonna have a new friend. We also did some shopping this weekend. I found some cute things on sale at Target. LOVE TARGET!!!

So what have you done this weekend?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Who Is Taking A Trip

I'm taking a trip! Heather and I are going to Indiana to meet our niece. We are leaving bright and early in the morning, it's a long drive! We are staying until Tuesday. So I will probably not be posting. I'm gonna take my laptop just in case I can get a connection but I'm not counting on it. So have a good couple days. Maybe while I'm gone you could leave some questions in the comment section for me to tackle when I get back.

Over and Out!

Who Do You Use For Car Insurance?

The whole car insurance thing is driving me nuts! I've been trying for weeks to find affordable car insurance. What I actually want is a good rate for the house and the vehicles combined. Is that really to much to ask for? I just want one cheap car insurance quote! I don't think it helps that Heather is now included in my insurance. A 19 year old always jacks the rates up. She hasn't had any tickets and is a good driver but it doesn't matter. But she did get hit by a semi not to long ago. It just broke out her taillight but I'm sure that doesn't help... Crazy teenage drivers. But anyways I'm getting off topic. What I need is affordable car insurance. So if you know of the bargain insurance let me know.

So who do you use for car insurance?

Who Is An Aunt

Oh that would happen to be me! I'm so stinking excited!!! My brother Shawn and his wife Amanda have their first baby girl. Miss Maddie Joye arrived at 7:50 tonight and is a healthy little baby! How great is that. I can't wait to see her in person and hold her and spoil the heck out of her. We are going to have fun.

So do you have any nieces or nephews?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Who Knows A New Blogger

I know a new blogger named Lanie. Lanie is just getting started blogging, like she has a couple entries. I work with Lanie and kinda peer pressured her into blogging. I'm a bully like that sometimes. I just know that she will be great at it. Lanie knows a ton about fashion and style and things I don't know about. She always has the cutest hair in the office and the girl is a traveling fool lately. So I think she will have a lot to blog about.

So I was hoping that maybe some of my visitors that have been so kind and given me such great feedback could swing by Lanie's place and tell her hi. Maybe you could give her some nice advice about blogging. I've told her about The Bestest Blog of All Time, Wordless Wednesday's, Thursday Thirteen, etc. Maybe you could tell her about your favorite blogging tool and help her get going. If you stop by tell her I said hi!

While you are stopping by places make sure you stop by Dr. Blogstein's for the Bestest Blog Carnival 1.3. He did an amazingly funny job on this carnival. So stop by and see who is in it... I think that I might be...

So do you know a new blogger? If you do tell me where to find them and I'll go visit and give them a shout out here.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Did You Make A New Year's Resolution

I did not make any New Year's resolutions. Resolutions never work for me. By the end of the month I've forgotten about them so I just don't set myself up for failure. But I do always reevaluate some areas of my life around the New Year to may sure I'm on track. One thing is always my weight. This year I'm on track with that. I've been working out regularly for months now, I'm eating well, and my blood sugar has been fairly stable so that is good! Thank God!!!

Another thing I focus on is time management. I have always had a difficult time balancing work, school, and myself and my family life. It's something I struggle with often. Right now I seem to be managing alright but I start back to Grad School in a couple of weeks so I really need to prioritize and stay on top of this or I'll be running around like a crazy woman in no time.

I have come across a time management e-book that I think will help me. It has some good ideas about prioritizing, using a to do list effectively, eliminating useless work, and overcoming procrastination. So hopefully the book and the website will help me keep things on track!

So did you make a resolution? If so what is it?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Have You Been To The Carnival

Right now the PayPerPost Postie Blog Carnival is going on. There are lots of great blogs participating so make sure you stop by my other blog Hunna's Happenings to take part.

Did you check out the carnival?