Saturday, August 26, 2006

Who Makes You Laugh The Most?

My mom makes me laugh the most. She has to be the funniest person I know. She tells hilarious jokes which is great. But most of all her physical humor is the BEST! She does great impressions! In fact one time in Branson she was doing her impression of Edith Ann from Saturday Night Live and people actually thought it was a show! They didn't know she was just a fool being funny. They almost paid her!!! She also does a great impression of the Raptor dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Complete with jumping up on the table. Very very funny gal!!!

So who makes you laugh the most? Also on Sunday's I'm gonna answer one of your questions. So if you have one leave it in the comments and I'll answer it tomorrow.


Beth said...

My question is What Three Words Would You Use To Describe Yourself?

You are the funniest person I know! Your Suin Lei impersonation is too funny.

Phelan said...

The person that makes me laugh the most is my 9 year old son. He {unfortunately} has my sense of humor.

Darbis said...

without a doubt, YOU jess, are the funniest person i know. my baby boy, caden is pretty dang funny too!! he gets that from his mama!!!

hondo said...

My daughter Grace is hilarious! I love all three of my kids with all of my heart. My oldest (Ben) is so very close to me in "soul" that we are kindred spirits. My youngest (Cooper) is headstrong and he reminds me so much of my brother, who I love so much. My middle child (Grace) is drama, and song and dance, and comedy, and so delightful and stubborn and funny and "take no shit" and headstrong and absolutely Broadway that she just makes me laugh!