Sunday, December 31, 2006

Are You Done With Christmas

I believe that today was my last Christmas for this year. I think that I'm almost done with this holiday. We have managed to drag it out long enough I suppose. Today was Christmas with my mom's side of the family. It was a great time! We opened gifts, ate way to much WONDERFUL food and played games. We played Mad Gab! I had never played this before and it was soooo much fun. You must play it. We laughed so hard. It really was a wonderful time. I just love my family.

So are you done with Christmas?

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Who Was Executed

Well Saddam Hussein of course. I have to tell you that I'm glad he is gone. No more of his evil ways. That's what the optimistic me wants to believe. But unfortunately his evil won't die with him. There are others out there that will simply step in and carry on his ways. But I do find some relief in the fact that he himself has been punished for his crimes. There is no way that he will personally hurt anyone else again. I'm amazed at how quickly the execution was carried out. The wheel of justice moves quickly there. If he was in the US he would have died on death row. So at least it is over and done with. For some reason though a part of me is a little saddened but the whole deal. I think it's just the idea that someone can do the kinds of things he has done and still even death isn't really enough of a punishment. It seems so easy. His pain was brief... Odd I guess....

What do you all think?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Did You Enjoy The Carnival

I did enjoy the carnival. In fact I enjoyed it a whole lot! It was so nice to get so many visitors, have so many comments, and get to visit so many other blogs. Everybody has a different kind of family but after visiting all the blogs and reading each family post it's obvious that we have a lot in common too. So I hope that you all enjoyed the carnival as much as I did!

So did you enjoy it?

Who Sold A House

I sold a house! How exciting is that!!! Now I only own one home instead of two. That's a good thing. Today was the closing on my old house so we are done and I have a check in my hot little hand. Buying that little house was such an awesome experience for me. I loved it. It was a great home. And I will miss it like crazy. What's amazing to me is that I bought it to just have a home. That's what I wanted. A safe little house just for me. But really it turned into a great investment. While I hadn't planned on selling it so soon and while I'm still a little sad about that I'm so grateful that I was able to make some money going through the process. If you are considering buying a home I would strongly encourage it. The security and financial benefits are worth it. This site explains better than I can some of the benefits of buying a home. So take the time to check out Doraville Homeownership.

So have you sold a house?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bestest Blog Carnival 1.2

Welcome to the second edition of the Bestest Blog Carnival. I really appreciate Bobby giving me the opportunity to serve as your host. I've never hosted a carnival before and it's been a learning experience. I have really enjoyed getting to read about so many different types of families. Bobby made a great choice on the topic this time around.

The third edition of The Bestest Blog Carnival will take place on January 4th! The carnival will be hosted by Dr. Blogstein. The theme this time around will be Your Funniest Post of 2006. Make sure you get your submissions in no later than January 2nd at 11:59 p.m.

I am a firm believer that it takes a wide variety of people, beliefs, traditions, and responsibilities to make a family. All of your posts solidified that belief for me. Each of you have such different families yet all of them are equally wonderful, strong, funny, and unique! So I hope you enjoy learning about one another as much as I have enjoyed learning about you!

As you visit one another make sure to leave comments and let everyone know you are visiting via The Bestest Carnival of All Time! Happy Blogging!

Parents Are Pretty Cool

Starrlight from Here Comes A Storm...In The Form Of A Girl shares a serious post with us about her biological dad titled Find The Cost of Freedom.

Heather from Ramblings and the like shares how she becomes a mom again when she adopts her son Austin.

Kevin the man behind Humble Tidbits of Vacuity shares a funny story about his Dad.

The Crazy Working Mom Known as Tisha from Crazy Working Mom shares a moment with her daughter that will make us all pause and remember when in the post titled For The First Time.

Chris from Thermal shares his very funny daily schedule with us. You know You Need A Routine.

The Bizzare Jokester from The Jokes Blog gives us a laugh with Joke 94 about how fatherhood has changed over the years.

Jessie from Hunna's Happenings lists the top 10 reasons her dad is cool .

Heather from Beautiful British Columbia shares with us the story of her parents meeting, marriage and life together in the post The Prettiest Girl in Egmont.

Kids Count Too!

Jamieson from I Am The Hunter shares a moving story about being Gods Child. A story that was also submitted for the Chicken Soup For The Soul books.

When visiting Antichrist & Minotaur Man you can help but wonder Hey Ma, Where'd ya used to hide my presents?.

Bruce from Pickled Eel explains what having a handicapped child means to a family in his post Jocelyn.

Serious About Siblings

Turnbaby from And as the world Turns shares a story about her sister Laura in a post called Guess You Had To Be There.

Woozie from The Tome of Communism is killing me with a post titled Power of Numbers. This is a post about finding his deceased brother's social security card and the emotions that brought to the surface. For being sixteen years old he can produce a powerful post!

Grandparents Are Great!

Carolyn at A Prairie View shares with us what being a grandma means to her and how important family is.

Cathy from Cathy's Rants and Ramblingsshares with us her thoughts and feelings about the loss of her dear friend and how she tries to comfort and reassure her grandchild in a post titled Grandma...I'm afraid you're going to die.

Morgen the mastermind behind It's A Blog Eat Blog World gives us an idea of how to put the fun in dysfunctional with a post about a Happy Family.

Teri AKA Nana over at Island Writer gives us a video view of a wonderful day with her darling granddaughter. You can see why I want to be Nana's Girl here.

Family Traditions-The Good, Bad, and Ugly!

Gem from Gem-osophy shares a unique family holiday that I'm thinking my family needs to adopt. Let's all participate in Snake Day!

Kelly BeJelly from A Girl Worth Saving explains how families can enable individuals to have financial problems in a post titled It Runs In The Family.

NoMas from Snake in My Shoe explains just how unique her family is in a cleaned up post titled Thankfully, it's family time again.

Terri over at Musings wants us to know about her Completely Weird, Wacky and Utterly Normal Family.

Empress Bee over at Muffin 53 took a big family vacation. It looks like that had lots of fun but now they are Home again, sigh....

Thoughts About and Types of Families

Sunni Kay over at Rantings, Ramblings, And Other Miscellaneous Stuff presents us with a thought provoking post about Parenting. Where has it gone wrong? .

Zorak from Grasshopper Ramblings explains how he has been successful in his attempt to Create A Family.

Kiyotoe from The Dragon:050376 shares a meaningful post about his loyalty to his family which is titled Lesson #16: Mi' Familia.

Smiling Sunflower brings us all a little sunshine with her description of a blogging family in We Are A Blogging Family.

Josepha at Just Another Fish In The Sea shares a letter that she wrote to her family in a post called Wait they don't love you like I love you.

Daniel takes us into his Video Archive to show us the Viol Family Videos.

Sanni from Coffee2go takes us on a journey through time with her Past, Present, Future post.

Skittles the amazing gal behind Skittles' Place wants us to know why she has gray hair!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Who Has Gone To A Red Sox Game

I have gone to a Red Sox game. In fact I like the Red Sox quite a bit. I even have a Red Sox hat. I'm cool like that. But chances are I won't be back go Boston anytime soon so that means no games for me. But I could go to a spring training game if I could get Red Sox Spring Training Tickets. The spring training games are in Flordia and I like Flordia. In fact Flordia this time of year would be WONDERFUL. Some sun, some time at the beach, and a good old Red Sox game! Maybe I could even wear my super cool Red Sox hat! Now that would be way fun!!!

So have you gone to a Red Sox Game?

Who Is Stressing

I'm stressing out a little bit. I'm having some computer problems and I only have a little while before I'm supposed to post the Bestest Blog Carnival. I'm actually freaking out quite a bit! I know it will be fine. Everything is gonna work out and I'm not gonna screw this up. It will be fine, it will be fine. I'm gonna keep repeating that until midnight okay!

So are any of you stressing...

Who Needs Coupons

I need some coupons! I love coupons! I'm always trying to save some money. And now that it is right after Christmas it is a great time to get some great bargains. Right now my sponsor is offering some great
Target Coupons. One of the coupons offers free shipping on certain items. There are also some Gap.Com Coupons that are worth checking out. Gotta save the bucks wherever you can!

So do you need some cool coupons?

Monday, December 25, 2006

How Was Your Christmas

My Christmas was a bit of a roller coaster. Much like my everyday life I suppose. I had a good time with my Aunt Betty and Heather. I'm so glad I had the chance to spend the day with them. We had a great non-traditional Christmas dinner. My Aunt Betty's famous Chicken Enchilada's hit the spot. And we had a good time opening gifts. We all got some neat things. And we watched A Christmas Story on TV. I had never seen that movie all the way thru before so that was good. So the majority of the day was very good.

Then there was the fact that I wasn't feeling so great, not nearly as yucky as I felt on Christmas Eve but still not at my best. Then there was the big fact that my mom is missing. A holiday without her is so incredibly wrong. She was the holiday queen! And then I had to go do the final walk-thru and cleaning on my old house. I close on it tomorrow. So no mom and saying good-bye to my little house that I love was a bit much for one day... Just a tad overwhelming and sad to me.

So how was your Christmas?

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Are You Having Guests To Your House For The Holiday

I am having some guests to my house! My lovely sister (who isn't officially a guest) arrived this afternoon. I picked her up at the airport, she stayed longer in Texas than I did. So now that she is here I'm ready for the holiday to begin! I love that girl!!!

My Aunt Betty is coming to my house tomorrow. It will be nice to have her here for Christmas. I'm ready for that. And I have some friends that have moved out of town but are back for Christmas that will be stopping by throughout the weekend. So it should be great to see everyone. Visiting with my family and friends is my favorite part of any and all holidays!

So are you having guests to your house?

Friday, December 22, 2006

What Made Your Friday Fantastic

My Friday was fantastic because I had an awesome day at work today. No major crisis, got caught up on everything, got off work on time, and had great leftovers from our Holiday dinner yesterday! So very good Friday here!!!

So what made your Friday fantastic?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Who Is Ready For A Carnival

The second edition of the Bestest Blog Carnival is coming soon! All of the entries must be submitted by 11:59 on December 24th. The Carnival will take place on December 27th. And the carnival will be happening here. Yes you read that right. I will be the hostess with the mostess. Well I just hope I'm the hostess with enough. I've never done this before so it should be a learning experience. So get those "family" themed posts in and lets have some fun!!!


How Do You Feel About Online Dating?

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In all honesty online dating has always scared me a little bit. There is the safety factor, is this guy gonna kill me, rape me, steal my identity... Okay so that's a little over the top but it scared me. Then their is the annoyance factor. Is this guy gonna tell lame jokes, be rude to the waitress, or wear a pocket protector. You just never really know what you are getting into and how long it will take you to get out. But now the site allows you the opportunity to have a wingman. No more sitting there alone trying to figure out how to get away from the weird guy. You take a friend or set up group dates. You can also select a day that you are free and schedule a date with the Date Now feature. The best part is that all the features are FREE! Now that takes some of the fear out of online dating doesn't it.

So how do you feel about online dating?


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What Is Your Favorite Instrument

I love the piano. I can't play the piano but I'm fascinated by people that can. I always wanted to learn to play the piano when I was a kid. But my dad always said my fingers were to short and fat to play the piano. So I've decided that I'm going to take piano lessons now. Well not now as in tonight but now as in soon. I know a lady that teaches piano. Mainly she teaches kids but she says she will give me lessons. I think it would be cool to learn to play. So that's going to be my Christmas gift to myself.

So what is your favorite instrument and can you play it?

What Do You Think About Credit Cards

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I'm a bit frustrated by the credit card game at this point. I'm in the process of paying off my credit cards. I was lucky enough to find 0% credit cards to consolidate my debt onto. Now I just make two payments a month to knock out the debt without the interest rates eating me alive. So I'm grateful that I found those! They are saving me a small fortune. I am however always looking for credit card news that would give me a great solution to paying the debt off fast! Any credit card advice is always welcome so if you have any leave me a comment. I want to get rid of these pesky things as quick as possible!


Monday, December 18, 2006

Do You Like The Beach

I don't usually like the beach. It seems like a dirty place to me. I know that trash gets dumped in the water and you know there are some people peeing in the ocean. That's not cool. So I don't particularly like to get in the water or hang out at the beach. But today it wasn't too bad. I didn't freak out about the dirty water. I actually got my feet wet! Amazing I know.

So do you like the beach?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bestest Blog Carnival

Welcome to all of you directed to my blog from The Bestest Blog Carnival! I have already seen a jump in my visits! So glad you all are stopping by. Please leave comments so I can make sure to visit your blogs also. And if you are just stopping by here and haven't made it to the carnival yet make sure you swing by The Bestest Blog of All Time and tell Bobby hi!

Who Is In Texas

Well I'm in Texas. I'm having a great time. The weather is wonderful! Nice and warm and not to humid. Christmas is off to a great start. It's been wonderful spending time with my family, playing with my niece and nephew, and unwrapping my new cute i-pod!!!! Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Who Needs A Reminder

Just wanted to remind you all that the deadline for entry into the Bestest Blog Of All Time Blog Carnival is today. So if you want to enter you need to email your post to Bobby so he can get it done. I'm sure he is busy putting the whole thing together so the sooner you get him the posts the better. No later than 11:59 tonight! Have fun with it and maybe I'll see you at the Carnival.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Who Needs A Christmas Card

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I may be needing to send some last minute Christmas cards. If I end up sending anymore they will be one of these very ecards. They have a top ten list of the ten funniest free Christmas cards. Some of them are pretty dang funny! My favorite one was pretty out there (imagine that). It is of these white women trying to do a Christmas rap. At one point there is a line about Rudoloph peeing. Who would think that would make it into a card. But it made me laugh! There is also a drunken santa ecard that I actually got from my officemate Becki the other day. She thought it was pretty funny. So if you need a card and a little off color humor pick one of the funny ten.


Who Is Going Out Of Town

I'm going to be heading to Texas early tomorrow morning. I will be celebrating an early Christmas with my Dad and Stepmom on the beach! Well we might have Christmas in the house but then we are going to the beach. It's supposed to be wonderful weather so I'm very ready to get there and start having a great time. Since I will be vacationing I don't know if I'll be posting questions. I may but then again I may not. It all depends on how free time I have. So that's a heads up that I might not be around for awhile.

Would You Want To Work From Home

I would love to work from home! There are times that I work from home rather than go to the office and I get so much stuff done. It's much calmer here and I'm more focused then I ever am at our loud crazy office building. That and I love the idea of being able to work in my pajamas if I want too. That would be a nice perk. The only thing really stopping me from working at home is that I haven't found the right work at home business opportunity for me. Someday I would like to have my own social work practice out of my house. Granted I couldn't do therapy in my pj's but it would be nice to set my own schedule and be in my own surroundings.

So would you want to work from home?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

What Do You Really Want For Christmas

I would really like a new printer or an MP3 player for Christmas. There are also a couple of books that I would like to have. I've put my wish list out there. My sister and step mom have been advised so I'm sure I'll end up with some great things.

So what do you really want for Christmas?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Did You Watch The Biggest Loser Final

I did watch the finale of The Biggest Loser! I love that show. And I was really happy to see Erik win. The guy lost 214 pounds! That is amazing to me. I can't imagine losing that much weight. He looked so different. I thought he looked way younger. I can't imagine how different he must feel. It's a big deal to lose 20 or 30 pounds. 214 pounds would be so hard to wrap your mind around.

So did you watch The Biggest Loser Final?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Have You Seen It

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I have seen episode three of RockStartup and I loved it. Who knew that Pay Per Post could make reality tv look so good. This episode shows the stress and success of the recent Pay Per Post move. Ted and the gang packed everything up and headed to some new very cool offices. I love the bright fun colors of their new place. Happy colors make for happy employees. Good move on the brightness Ted! Seriously though Mr. Ted is just setting himself up for a heart attack. He is looking a bit stressed and a bit tired. Moving is always stressful but moving a whole company is a bit much. I hope he can hang in there.

So have you seen episode three of RockStartup?

What Is Your Favorite Type Of Exercise

Well my favorite type of exercise is actually NONE! If only I could get away with that. So since that doesn't work for me and I just have to move in someway my favorite workout is ZUMBA! I just started doing Zumba a couple months ago and it is way fun. It's a mix of all different types of dances and it doesn't feel like a punishment like a lot of other workouts I've done. I really enjoy it and the time flies when I'm Zumbaing!

I knew I liked to Zumba but I didn't realize just how much till last night. I had to miss like two weeks of Zumba because I was out of town a couple times and then they had some schedule changes since the instructor was sick. So I finally got to go back last night after a long break and I feel AWESOME today. I have so much energy and I'm still happy from all the fun music. So it's totally worth it.

What is your favorite type of exercise?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Who Needs A Sword

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Do you need a sword? This is a great place to find
Samurai Swords. While Samurai swords are there focus they also offer 100 different swords and complete sword sets. Whether you are looking for a great collectible sword or something more practical this is the place to look. I would think that you would be able to find about any type of sword you could possibly need. All of the swords are a great value and are high in quality. And since it's holiday time there is a great deal on shipping. If you place your sword order before December 13th shipping is only $2.95. That's a great deal and it will get to you in time to wrap that sword up for Christmas.

So who needs a sword?

Who Had A Date Today

I had a date today! It was a pretty good date too. We will call the date guy "T". T was a very nice guy. He was funny and smart and enough in control of the situation that I felt comfortable but not like he was too controlling. It was a good balance. He got my jokes and asked appropriate questions. Enjoyable I say! Good times.

So did you have a date today?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Do You Want $15

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I want $15.00! And right now Pay Per Post is offering $15.00 for each new person that joins Pay Per Post and is referred by me! I have signed up for the Pay Per Post affiliate program. So if you just click that cute little affiliate button on the right you can sign up too. You just need to have a blog that is at least 90 days old and has a minimum of 20 posts. The reasons they have those requirements are so people don't create a blog just to make blog money. I have really enjoyed doing Pay Per Post. I love the fact that I can pick the ads I want to take. If I don't like a product, company, or service I will not take the ad. If I do like it I post about it. In a little less than 2 months I have made right around $190.00 and I have another $370.00 coming to me in the next 30 days. So if you decide to click the cute PayPerPost affiliate button you can make some mad money and heck I can make $15! So get to clicking!!!


Hey my lovely readers-

No questions here! I've just noticed quite a few new visitors lately and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for reading and commenting and playing the question and answer game with me! I have so enjoyed all of your comments and appreciate the opportunity to get to know all of you better. As most of you know I have two blogs. This one and Hunna's Happenings. Between the two blogs I've made a lot of new blogging friends and have really come to find the blogging fun! With this blog it is really fun for me to have the interaction and feedback from all of you. So please anytime feel free to leave a question and I will answer it at some point. I usually do those questions on Sunday's but I can mix it up and throw them in at any time. So feel free.

Thanks again!


Who Wants A Resort Vacation

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I can tell you that I for sure enjoy vacation resorts. Hotels are fine. I enjoy hotels. But I would really like to stay at a condo or a resort over a hotel anytime! And with Condoexpress you can stay in a condo and they make it very affordable. They are always running specials and it ends up being equal to the cost of a hotel but so much more comfortable and cozy! They specialize in Orlando-Disney vacations and they have a newsletter you can sign up for to help you keep up with the specials they offer. So when you plan that next great vacation take the time to check them out and treat yourself to a resort!

What Family Tradition Do You Have

Our family has quite a few fun traditions. One of my favorite traditions is our annual Girl's Christmas Gathering. All of my female relatives, aunts, sisters, cousins, etc. get together for the 2nd weekend in December. We shop, eat, Christmas carol, and just have a really fun time. It's a nice way to get ready for Christmas. We always have a wonderful time.

I just got home from this year's gathering and it was WONDERFUL as usual! So to my girl's that are reading this thanks for another great tradition of fun.

So what family tradition do you have?

Friday, December 08, 2006

Are You Investing

I am investing my money. I don't make much at my job so it's really important for me to start early and get that money saved. Compounded interest is my friend. And to help you all out I thought I would tell you about a 5.30 APY CD Until - Dec 31st! How cool is that. That is a pretty darn good rate. The great part is it is only a 3 month certificate so you don't have to have your money tied up for too long! You can join and get signed up for this great rate by clicking the link.

So are you investing?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

What Are You Grateful For

I'm so very grateful that my brother-in-law Brian is home from Iraq! I'm so proud of him and the other troops. I'm also really proud of his wife Venus and their two children Dalton and Morghan. They made a big sacrafice this year. They loaned their daddy and husband to the world. And thankfully he came home to them safe and sound. Welcome home HERO!!!!

What are you grateful for?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What Should We Celebrate

I'm thinking that I should celebrate this post! This is post #100 for me!! I'm pretty psyched. That is a lot of questions folks. We have done good. Asking, answering, learning a little bit about ourselves and other people. Heck I know some fun stuff about you blogging buddies!

So what do you want to celebrate?

Monday, December 04, 2006

What Do You Think Of Keylogging

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I've got to tell ya that keylogging makes this girl a little bit nervous inside! I think that it is great for parents. That way they can monitor what their children are doing on the internet. I'm all for safety online and keeping the kids safe! That is a big priority. But I would be in a world of hurt if they used keylogging at my office. Granted I'm not visiting any naked girl sites or anything crazy like that. But I've been known to do a little surfing of the net during work hours. And I know that isn't exactly the best thing to do as an employee. I have a slight addiction to though and I tend to check it every couple hours. So if they used the keylogging for monitoring our internet usage at work I might be in a little hot water. But if I was the boss I would probably want to use it. That way I could bust the little CNN junkies like me and make them get back to work. So I can see both sides of it.

What do you think of Keylogging?

Can You Keep A Secret

I'm pretty good at keeping a secret. Well most of the time. It depends on who is asking. I really can't keep secrets from my sister Heather or my best friend Darby. I just can't and I don't even try! But I can keep secrets from just about anyone else. With that said I will tell you that I don't like secrets. I usually tell people not to tell me if they want it to be secret. If everyone can't know I don't really want a part of it. But that's just me. I'm pretty open so I kinda have the expectation that other people should be too.

So can you keep a secret?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

What Is Driving You Nuts Right Now

My car stereo is driving me nuts right now! For some reason it doesn't light up anymore. I know what your thinking. You don't need a stereo that lights up you need a stereo that plays music. Well you are partially right. If it doesn't light up you don't know what time it is. That is a bit of a problem. But if it doesn't light up you don't know what station you are on. That is a big problem. It's a really big problem when you need to change the frequency so you can get better reception on your XM. So you change the frequency on the XM but then you can't see to change the frequency on the radio and it takes forever and you miss half of your favorite song. That's when you become nuts! Just a little glimpse into my world today. It's not pretty folks!!!

So what is driving you nuts right now?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Do You Send Christmas Cards

I do send Christmas Cards. I like to send them. Mainly because I love to get them! I love happy mail. My favorite part about Christmas is that from the start of December it seems like I get happy mail everyday. The happy mail overrides the bills. And that gives me the Christmas spirit. This year Heather and I did picture Christmas cards. I think they turned out cute. They are ready to be mailed on Monday.

Do you send Christmas Cards?

Also if you have a question feel free to leave it in the comments and I'll answer it tomorrow.

Do You Chat Online

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I have visited a chat room a couple of times. I have a hard time getting it. Maybe I'm just not fast enough to keep up. But I have friends that love to chat . They go to chat rooms often and have made lots of friends. One friend of mine even got a job from someone they met in a chat room.

Do you chat online?

Friday, December 01, 2006

If You Had A Super Power What Would It Be

If I had a super power it would be the ability to travel through time. I think it would be cool to be able to move forward and back in time. You could experience about anything! I would for sure travel back to ride in a covered wagon and then travel forward to ride in a hover craft or something crazy like that. I would also want to travel back to see a dinosaur and then travel forward to see if any animals are left in the future. You could find out all kinds of things if you could travel through time. That would rock!

So what super power would you have?

Who Needs A Coach

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I guess there are some people out there that need a life coach. Maybe something is going on in their life that is a challenge. I suppose that it would be possible for a life coach to provide benefits. I have a hard time understanding that concept. I don't think I would feel comfortable with such a thing but I know that some people do. The concept is actually a good one and if someone does need that support I think there should be the option.

Here is an example of a bio of a coach. Someone or some program that mentors clients to internally define and take ownership of a fundamental principle. Asking the question do you have the Will to try, the Faith to believe and the Focus to make the extra effort to succeed in your life?

For more information about life coaching you can contact or you can call 888-847-7052.