Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What Is Something You Would Like To Splurge On

I would love to splurge on my yard. I would love to have enough money to be able to afford a yard boy. While a cute yard boy would be nice to look at I would prefer a yard boy that could make my yard beautiful! I would love to have a gorgeous perfectly manicured lawn. That is my dream. I want the yard that makes people pause when they drive by. I want people to stop and say "Man that's a great yard." That's what I want.

What would you splurge on?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Are You Good At Math

I'm so horrible at math! It's pretty scary actually. I can add and subtract fine. But you throw multiplication or division in there and it gets frightening. My parents and sister are good at math. My dad used to get way mad when I couldn't multiply and my mom became addicted to flash cards in hopes of teaching me. Dad gave up the being mad and mom wore the flash cards out and I still didn't learn. So math just isn't my friend. Thank god I'm a social worker...

So are you good at math?

Monday, March 26, 2007

What Is Your Sign

Well I don't know how much I believe in the whole horoscope thing but my sign is cancer. It's a little crab. I think this is kinda funny because if I had cancer I would be crabby. Though I don't think that is what the sign means. Actually I looked around online and found this description of my sign.

The fourth sign in the Rashichakra, Karka ( Cancer ) love their home - their roots. Falling in the fourth house of the Kaalpurusha (Ursha Major), which denotes mother, Karka ( Cancer ) plays the same role. Farther the governing planet of the Rashi is Chandra (Moon), which rules over themind and denotes mother. This too enhances its role as mother The most empathetic zodiac sign, Karkas ( Cancer ) are often overly sensitive. They take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family and are at their best when all is peaceful at this front.

They nurture a maternal instinct, are domestic and love to nurture others. They adore large families, always providing for others, protecting and making a nest wherever they go. Karkas ( Cancer ) are traditional and prize family history and love communal activities. They also tend to be patriotic, waving the flag, whenever possible.

Karkas ( Cancer ) are more concerned with expressing emotions than on superficial conversations. They can appear to be moody, shy and too much like a baby. But on the contrary they are not shy, but protecting themselves against emotional exposure. Though very artistic and creative, often they get on the nerves for holding on to everything including wealth and even to every word that was ever said to them. Their mood swings are unpredictable -- sweet to cranky. The proverbial crab, they retreat into their shells, when hurt.

Extremely introvert and certainly not the easiest person to understand these crabs can hide emotions well beneath the tough exterior. Although kind and affable till the mood is stable, it is bitter and melancholic at the next, often feeling hurt unnecessarily. Trying to draw sympathy, Crabs can be fairly insensitive towards others, snapping, being rude and short-tempered. However, the seemingly rude behavior is only a clever means to hide their own insecurities and complexes -- almost like timid, hurt children. Karkas ( Cancer ) can be admirably kind, generous, understanding, charitable and gracious, if all is well with them.

Karkas ( Cancer ) can be seen standing by people in their time of need. Their good intuitive powers mostly put to good use in managing their own lives. Urges to travel to distant lands come but quelled since home is where you love to dwell.

Most often crabs hurt the ones most who have been good for them. They also tend to make a mountain out of the molehill and are prone to self-pity. Slightly untidy, this doesn't endear you to more stable signs. Unlike Dhanu, who have a place for everything, the Karkas ( Cancer ) idea is to put it somewhere, under the bed, in cupboards, anywhere -- not that you are not untidy -- you are the original hoarder. Karkas ( Cancer ) don't ask for much either, a comfortable home and sense of peace is what is most important. Crabs are also quick to help others and tend to avoid confrontation. In keeping with their nurturing bent, those born under this Sign enjoy their food. A hearty picnic in the park is heaven on earth to most crabs.

Karkas ( Cancer ) have a keen intellect and are good with their hands. They do well as painters, sculptors sales persons. However you are best when it comes to taking writing as a full-time profession. Most crabs will have reasonably good careers, although there will be a tendency to change to an entirely different field midway, say somewhat nearing 35 years. Money and material wealth are fairly important to and although nearly miserly with the money you earn, sudden windfalls and gains are often squandered away thoughtlessly.

Crabs romance those who are quite opposite to them in nature. They are strongly attracted to people who are confident, strong and successful. Although they fall in love all the time, their introvert nature and uneasiness in disclosing youre their true feelings makes many of these affairs one-sided. they are not likely to rush headlong into marriage, because in selecting a life partner, they are often governed by your their. Karkas ( Cancer ), Vrischika ( Scorpio ) and Meen ( Pisces ) will make good partners for Karkas ( Cancer ).

While it's not completely accurate there are some things that are pretty dead on. Weird.

So what is your sign?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

What Do You Think of The Bestest

Well I used to think that The Bestest Blog of All Time really was the bestest. I thought that Bobby was a nice, creative, fun guy. But now I'm starting to realize that the bestest really isn't the bestest after all. I've been doing guest reviews for The Bestest Blog for several months now. I've loved doing it. Heck I know how fun it is to get named The Bestest Blog. Of course I enjoyed picking other people as The Bestest. However, Bobby's site is being run more and more by guest bloggers. In fact Bobby isn't doing any of the reviews anymore. All he does is PayPerPost ads and the guest bloggers do the reviews. Not so cool in my opinion.

Bobby has also found the time to post very frequently on a blog that he calls "Tanya's Weight Loss Journey". I'm pretty disappointed by that. This fake blog was made solely for PayPerPost ads. It's a horrible blog and all Bobby is doing is poking fun at other really great weight loss blogs and making money while doing it. Shame on you Bobby Griffin!

So I'm removing my link to his blog, I'm removing the random blog button, and I'm not doing any more guest reviews. I urge Bobby to explain himself and get back to being the Bestest.

So what do you think of the Bestest?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What Do You Call A Red Bird

You call a red bird a cardinal. Seems pretty simple right. Well I actually asked my sister that question today! I went outside and there was a cardinal sitting on the mailbox. It was really pretty and I rarely see cardinals so I was pleased about it. But for the life of me I could not remember that it was a cardinal! So I came in and asked my sister what you call a red bird. As soon as she said cardinal it came back to me. I felt like an idiot. But you call a blue jay a blue bird so I guess I thought maybe we called cardinals red birds.

What do you call red birds?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Have You Done Your Taxes Yet?

I haven't done my taxes yet. Heather and I are actually going this afternoon to do our taxes and honestly I'm a little scared. I really don't want to owe anything! I'd really love a big fat return but I don't think that is going to happen. I had a lot of investment stuff change hands this year since my mom died so I have a feeling that might get me. I guess we will find out in a few hours.

So have you done your taxes yet?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What Wild Animal Would You Want For A Pet

If I could have a wild animal for a pet I would want a giraffe. I have no idea where I would keep a giraffe but I'd sure like to have one. I think they are beautiful. Their colors and height are pretty amazing. And their tongue is really long and strong. One time when I was a kid we went to a drive through zoo place and a giraffe tried to pull our windshield wipers off with it's tongue. It was crazy to watch. So as long as I could keep the giraffe away from the car I would want one for a pet.

What wild animal would you want for a pet?

Monday, March 19, 2007

What Did You Do For St. Patricks Day

For St. Patrick's day I went on a girl's weekend. We rented a suite in Kansas City and partied like crazy. We really had a fabulous time! It has been a long time since I've partied and hung out with the girls so it was lots and lots of fun. I really needed a break from school and stress. And luckily I got one!

So what did you do for St. Patricks day?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who Has Taken A Research Class

I am taking a research class now. I'm so sick of it. There is so much work for this class and honestly I feel really lost the majority of the time! It's getting old. I'm also not so good with numbers. Okay let's get real. I'm really really horrible at anything related to math! It's very bad and scary to watch me attempt anything over addition and subtraction. It's just not pretty. So research and I are not getting along so well. I'm just counting down the weeks until it's over!

So have you taken a research class?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Have You Ever Had A Pair of Red Shoes

I have never had a pair of red shoes. That is until tonight! I found the most adorable pair of red high heal shoes tonight for $13.00. I was thrilled! They look like red Mary Jane's but with a short heal. Very cute and fun! Gotta love that.

So have you ever had a pair of red shoes?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Do You Need A New Toothbrush

Okay I hate to admit it but I really really need a new toothbrush! In fact I don't remember when I got the one I'm using and that is a bad thing. I brush my teeth a lot. I'm kinda weird about it. I probably brush them four or five times a day. It feels like I brush them even more since I quit smoking. But my toothbrush gets a lot of use. So it's wearing down and the little bristles look sad and I've got to let it go and get a new one.

So do you need a new toothbrush?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Have You Ever Rode A Horse

I have ridden a horse before. When I was a kid my dad had a friend that had a couple horses. When we went to visit him he would let me ride one of the horses. I remember it was an older black horse that was very calm. I was scared the first couple times but after that I really enjoyed it. I think I would like it now as an adult but it's been years since I've ridden. I don't even know anyone with a horse anymore.

Have you ever rode a horse?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Have You Ever Been To A Therapist

I have been to a therapist. In fact I'm seeing a therapist right now. I had been doing some bereavement counseling through Hospice but that wasn't cutting it for me. I was starting to feel like my grief was really turning into depression and had passed the normal grieving stage. So off to therapy I went. I think it is helpful. If for nothing else it's nice to get some other ideas and things to try. I'm just going for a few more sessions but I hope it helps and I get to feeling back to normal soon.

So have you ever been to a therapist?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Are You Ready For Spring

I'm so ready for spring! It was really nice here today but yesterday was pretty cold. We are in that teasing period now. You know the stage. The one where you think it might be Spring and then the next thing you know it snows. Yeah that fun stage! I'm ready for that to be over. I'm really looking forward to just regular Spring with no surprise cold thrown in. I want tulips and daffodils. I want to wear capri's and flip flops. I want to spend time outside and not see my breath! Heck I just want a warm afternoon walk.

So are you ready for Spring?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What Are You Doing To Get Healthy

Now that I've quit smoking I'm really trying to focus on becoming as healthy as possible. Very soon I will be adopting a beautiful child from Ethiopia and I will be a single parent. So being as healthy as possible has to be my top priority. So some thing that I'm trying to focus on include Keeping a healthy heart and Losing Weight. I think that both of these things would help me be a healthier person and a healthier mom.

This site is helping to keep me on track. There are lots of great health articles that have provided me with some motivation and information. There is also a search feature that I used to look up adult onset diabetes and I found an informative article about it quickly.

So I'm trying to inform myself and take action in my attempt to get healthy. What is it that you are doing to get healthy?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Who Has Quit Smoking

I have quit smoking! I'm so excited! Well if you would have asked me Saturday I wouldn't have been excited. I would have been a big grump. But now that a few days have passed and the cravings aren't as intense I'm feeling very happy about my non smoking self. It's nice to know that I'm not a slave to it anymore.

So have you quit smoking and if so what tips do you have to keep me motivated?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Who Is Your Favorite Painter

My favorite painter is for sure Monet. I really love his work. I was able to go see a Monet collection in Boston with my Dad and sister about 8 years ago. It was a beautiful collection and quite large. Then when my sister and I went to visit my dad in Las Vegas a Monet collection was at the Bellagio Gallery and he wanted us to go. We said we really wanted to go to Thunder from Down Under or Cirque De Soilel but dad said "How many people have the opportunity to see the Monet's in their lifetime". We reminded him we had already seen them and his response was "How many people can say they have seen the Monet's twice in their lifetime?" Needless to say we went again. And suprisingly the collection in Vegas was larger then the one we had seen before so it was all good. We saw several pieces we had never seen before so it worked out well. And now I can tell people I've seen the Monet's twice.

So who is your favorite painter?