Sunday, November 05, 2006

What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving

This question comes courtesy of Debbie. Debbie is my sister-in-law Amanda's mom. What is very funny about this question is that I'm actually spending Thanksgiving with Debbie. I guess Amanda forgot to tell her that Heather and I are coming to Indiana for Turkey Day.

We are actually going to be at Shawn and Amanda's house Tuesday-Thursday for the holiday. Then we are heading to Tulsa for Thanksgiving with my mom's family. So we will be spending quite a bit of time on the road but we are looking forward to seeing everyone!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?


Debbie said...

I heard you were coming and hoped you both still were planning on it. I can't wait to see you and Heather.

Anonymous said...

Me & hubby will be going across the state to spend the day with my kids and grandkids!

I gave your blog a shout-out on mine today.

Anonymous said...

WE will have dinner at our oldest daughter's place and it will ba a grand side show of smoked ham,turkey with trimming and rice pudding.

MMM, mm, mmm

Anonymous said...

I love your questions!

I am spending the day with my children and my roommate, Chel, at her family's house. Gonna be great fun!


Phelan said...

I am making dinner for 10 on the homestead.