Monday, November 06, 2006

What Is The First Paragraph On The 57th Page Of The Book You are Reading

I am reading the book 90 Minutes in Heaven written by Don Piper. The first paragraph on the 57th page of this book reads....

"On the night I entered Hermann Trauma Center, I was in surgery for eleven hours. During that operation, I had the broken bone in my right leg set. My left forearm had to be stabilized because two inches of each bone were missing. My left leg was put into traction because four and a half inches of femur were missing. During the operation, an air tube was mistakenly inserted into my stomach. This caused my stomach to inflate and my lungs to deflate. It would be several days before they discovered this was the cause of swelling in my stomach. Further complicating my breathing, I was unable to be elevated, and I developed pneumonia. I nearly died a second time. "

It's a pretty good book. You ought to check it out.

So what is the first paragraph on the 57th page of the book you are reading?


Phelan said...

"The injuries that result are primarily due to the massive electrical current and the body's conversion of the electrical energy to heat. The electrical shock can literally stop the heart or cause dangerous and deadly changes in the heart rhythm. The heat can burn and char the skin, scorch clothing, and fuse or melt metal objects in the victim's pockets, buttons on his shirt, belt buckles, and fillings in his teeth."

Murder and Mayhem by D.P. Lyle, M.D.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh goodie! I love these things! (sound of feet running back to my blog..)

Calabar Gal said...

I'm not reading any books. I sit on the net all day long - where's the time to open a book? I've got about 10 novels on the bookshelf waiting for me to open them though. Maybe Next year? LOL