Monday, November 20, 2006

Who Was Your Neighbor Growing Up

My coolest neighbors growing up were Grandma and Grandpa Marks as I called them. They weren't really my grandparents but they looked like grandparents to that's what I called them and they loved it. They were great neighbors. I would go over to visit and they of course gave me too much candy! Grandpa Marks was quite the photographer and he taught me so much about cameras! I love that. Every once in awhile I see old cameras like his at antique stores. Someday I'm gonna get one to remember him by. Grandma Marks would have tea parties with me and she always let me help her wrap her Christmas gifts which was a blast for me. I loved wrapping. They were really great people and amazing neighbors. I lucked out.

Who were your neighbors growing up?


Phelan said...

Susanne and Barney. I use to raid their strawberry patch every year. He was cool with us, she would give us lectures.

Sean Carter said...

I did have lovely neighbours but I was always a people would alsways be after me when ever I visited them!!!

Skittles said...

My best childhood friend lived a few doors down from me.

Martina said...

Anja and her sister Sandra. They lived 2 minutes away from my house and they had a swimming pool, a dog, a very big garden and later they had horses.
We used to watch "Captain Future" on the tv together and had a lot of partys at the pool.