Saturday, November 11, 2006

What Is The Best Practical Joke You Have Ever Played On Someone

The best practical joke I've ever played was when I totally got Darby's mom Donna. She was the Administrative Assistant at our office. So I went to the office late one night and completely covered her desk in post-it-notes. I mean everything was covered, the phone, the desk, the chair, the computer. You could only see yellow post-its! It was pretty funny!

So what is the best practical joke you have ever played on someone?

Also tomorrow is Sunday so leave your questions for me in the comments section and I'll answer them!


Barb said...

It was an April Fool's joke I played on my son. I'm saving it for a post though ;)

Secret Sara said...

We did something very similar to a coworker of mine at KFC. At the time, she was my shift supervisor. One night that she wasn't working (the other shift supervisor who didn't like her too much was) but would be opening the next morning, we put post-it notes on every thing we cleaned, including all over the floor. She was always telling us we didn't clean properly so we thought it would be fun. Oh yes, the kitchen was full of post-it notes and it was hilarious!

CactusFreek said...

Too many to mention. I'm a real prankster! lol