Thursday, November 30, 2006

Who Has Been Locked Out

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I've locked myself out of my house on several occasions. Once I had to crawl in a window. NO fun there! I've also been known to store keys all over the place for just such an occasion but that is also a pain. What I really need is a biometric door lock . That is a very super cool high tech finger print door lock! How amazing is that. You see those in movies all the time but I had no idea that people could actually get them. But you can.

I checked them out and found my favorite one. Here is the picture of it.
I can't afford it obviously but they aren't nearly as expensive as I thought something like that would be. I'm saving my pennies but if I had the extra money I think it would be a really neat thing to have. You would never have to worry about having your key. But most importantly you would never have to worry about someone else having your keys.

That's what is creepy to me. If you forget or lose your keys somewhere you pretty much have to get new locks if you don't want to be worried forever that someone is gonna come in your house. With this you wouldn't have to worry. All you need is your fingerprint. Pretty handy! So if you want a fancy hi tech biometric door lock go check them out.

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