Sunday, February 11, 2007

Have You Been In A Play

I have been in a play. I loved school plays when I was a kid. From 7th grade on I participated in every school play in some manner. Sometimes I acted though that wasn't my favorite thing to do. Most of the time I was the stage manager which I loved! There was just something very fun to me about starting something and everyone being lost and confused and then watching it all fall into place by opening night. I also made a lot of great friends from my time spent on plays. You spend a lot of time together and really get to know people that way.

So have you been in a play?


Julie said...

No way, you were an SM??? I was too! For only one show (A Streetcar Named Desire) - the play is amazing but the director was totally outrageous in his direction, and not in a good way. He drove me nuts! Never again!

Kevin said...

Inherit The Wind. High School 1985.