Sunday, February 11, 2007

Have You Ever Owned A Ford Mustang

I have never owned a Ford Mustang but someday I would like too. I love the 2007 Mustang. I think it's a really beautiful car. It's definately new but it has the look of an older Mustang which is nice. I would like the features of a new car but the feel of an old car if that makes any sense. I like the muscle car look. I wouldn't want a soft top. I'm not a big fan of that. I would have to have a hard top for sure. And I would want it to be white.

I know some people that have red Mustangs. That's what you usually see. Darby, my best friend's mom Donna has a red Mustang. I have driven it a couple of times. I really like it but so many people have the red ones. So I would want white so I could be a little bit different. White would be hot. And I'd like to have leather seats. Probably gray leather. And since I'd have enough money to pay for the Mustang I would go all out on the features. I'd have the navigational system so I could put the being lost in the city routine to rest, a kicking stereo, and dual climate control. I think if I had all of that I'd be a pretty happy Ford Mustang owner!

Have You Ever Owned A Ford Mustang?

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Josh said...

My first car was a '78 Cobra... Drove it into the ground. Doesn't run anymore... Gosh... I miss that thing.