Sunday, February 04, 2007

What New Blog Did You Visit Today

Today I visited a great blog called Pencil Thin. While the blog isn't new it is new to me. I'm enjoying it! There are a lot of great tips for healthy eating and living which I need. There was a recipe that I just can't wait to try. There are also some funny jokes and we all know that laughter is really good medicine. So go get your daily dose!

What new blog did you visit today?


Finwenluin said...


Te escribo porque no puedes dejar de ver mi blog, en donde he posteado un artículo acerca de la voz más aguda del mundo.




Soleilmavis said...

Nice blog.

GreenEyedGirl said...

Thanks for sharing the Pencil Thin blog, it is great!

Come check out this blog:

Crystal said...

You have a great blog - I would be honored to be interviewed!

Fatima Mohamed said...

thanks for sharing the blog, wow its koool

Anonymous said...


The blog I visited wasn't new but it's new to me:

hawkins said...

Yours. :) Thanks again for Blog-of-the-Daying me.