Sunday, March 25, 2007

What Do You Think of The Bestest

Well I used to think that The Bestest Blog of All Time really was the bestest. I thought that Bobby was a nice, creative, fun guy. But now I'm starting to realize that the bestest really isn't the bestest after all. I've been doing guest reviews for The Bestest Blog for several months now. I've loved doing it. Heck I know how fun it is to get named The Bestest Blog. Of course I enjoyed picking other people as The Bestest. However, Bobby's site is being run more and more by guest bloggers. In fact Bobby isn't doing any of the reviews anymore. All he does is PayPerPost ads and the guest bloggers do the reviews. Not so cool in my opinion.

Bobby has also found the time to post very frequently on a blog that he calls "Tanya's Weight Loss Journey". I'm pretty disappointed by that. This fake blog was made solely for PayPerPost ads. It's a horrible blog and all Bobby is doing is poking fun at other really great weight loss blogs and making money while doing it. Shame on you Bobby Griffin!

So I'm removing my link to his blog, I'm removing the random blog button, and I'm not doing any more guest reviews. I urge Bobby to explain himself and get back to being the Bestest.

So what do you think of the Bestest?


Skittles said...

He did make a post saying he was "stressed" and the one below says he will no longer be accepting donations. How long has he been gone before he decided this???

Josh said...

I don't go there anymore. I just personally don't have the time. I didn't know I was the Bestest Blog of the Day until you told me.

Anonymous said...

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