Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What Are You Doing To Get Healthy

Now that I've quit smoking I'm really trying to focus on becoming as healthy as possible. Very soon I will be adopting a beautiful child from Ethiopia and I will be a single parent. So being as healthy as possible has to be my top priority. So some thing that I'm trying to focus on include Keeping a healthy heart and Losing Weight. I think that both of these things would help me be a healthier person and a healthier mom.

This site is helping to keep me on track. There are lots of great health articles that have provided me with some motivation and information. There is also a search feature that I used to look up adult onset diabetes and I found an informative article about it quickly.

So I'm trying to inform myself and take action in my attempt to get healthy. What is it that you are doing to get healthy?


Josh said...

Great goals. I'm trying to lose 30lbs in the next 2 months. I think I can do it. Hey, it's hard trying to lose weight while quitting smoking.

Good to hear you've still quit. You can do it! I posted a couple of posts about my quitting smoking here, if you want to see them.

FRIGGA said...

Read, excercise at least twice a week and eat a lot of food, good food.

Julie said...

Excellent job on the smoking ban. Good for you and your soon-to-be family addition.

I think the question for me is, what am I NOT doing to be healthy? Well, eating that Chinese food for dinner didn't help. I can't believe I've been dieting for 6 months now. It feels like forever!

Anonymous said...

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