Monday, March 19, 2007

What Did You Do For St. Patricks Day

For St. Patrick's day I went on a girl's weekend. We rented a suite in Kansas City and partied like crazy. We really had a fabulous time! It has been a long time since I've partied and hung out with the girls so it was lots and lots of fun. I really needed a break from school and stress. And luckily I got one!

So what did you do for St. Patricks day?


Evel said...

I actually forgot it was St. Patricks day. How sad is that?

Josh said...

I ate dinner with my wife's family.

Martina said...

Had a lot of fun at the Irish Pub in Kassel, drank too much Cider, danced a lot and blew all my savings with a crazy Guiness hat on my head. They had a great band from Ireland: The Cheerfuls - fucking brilliant!!!

Skittles said...

Hey Jesse.. I went to that link and looked at everything.. just not sure what you were pointing out?

Anonymous said...

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