Saturday, March 03, 2007

Who Is Your Favorite Painter

My favorite painter is for sure Monet. I really love his work. I was able to go see a Monet collection in Boston with my Dad and sister about 8 years ago. It was a beautiful collection and quite large. Then when my sister and I went to visit my dad in Las Vegas a Monet collection was at the Bellagio Gallery and he wanted us to go. We said we really wanted to go to Thunder from Down Under or Cirque De Soilel but dad said "How many people have the opportunity to see the Monet's in their lifetime". We reminded him we had already seen them and his response was "How many people can say they have seen the Monet's twice in their lifetime?" Needless to say we went again. And suprisingly the collection in Vegas was larger then the one we had seen before so it was all good. We saw several pieces we had never seen before so it worked out well. And now I can tell people I've seen the Monet's twice.

So who is your favorite painter?


Josh said...

I like Dali.

FRIGGA said...

My two favorite paintings are both Van Gogh, Starry Night, and the other one I don't know the name but has a bunch of sunflowers

Queenie said...

I do not really have a favorite painter.
I like the Realism era of painting, attributted to such artists like Degas. It also marked the beginning stages of photography.


Meany•Quinn said...

Bob Ross

Martina said...

Gustav Klimt!