Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Do You Need A New Toothbrush

Okay I hate to admit it but I really really need a new toothbrush! In fact I don't remember when I got the one I'm using and that is a bad thing. I brush my teeth a lot. I'm kinda weird about it. I probably brush them four or five times a day. It feels like I brush them even more since I quit smoking. But my toothbrush gets a lot of use. So it's wearing down and the little bristles look sad and I've got to let it go and get a new one.

So do you need a new toothbrush?


Josh said...

Actually, I left my bathroom bag where we stayed on my last vacation a few weeks ago.

So I had to get all new grooming items.

Hey, thanks so much for your review on Bestest Blog. I'm so flattered out of so many blogs, you chose mine.

You are a pretty cool chick. And good luck with the quitting smoking thing.

Anonymous said...

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