Saturday, March 24, 2007

What Do You Call A Red Bird

You call a red bird a cardinal. Seems pretty simple right. Well I actually asked my sister that question today! I went outside and there was a cardinal sitting on the mailbox. It was really pretty and I rarely see cardinals so I was pleased about it. But for the life of me I could not remember that it was a cardinal! So I came in and asked my sister what you call a red bird. As soon as she said cardinal it came back to me. I felt like an idiot. But you call a blue jay a blue bird so I guess I thought maybe we called cardinals red birds.

What do you call red birds?


Anonymous said...

do cardinals (red birds) make it rain does it tells you that there is going to be a tornada or thunderstorm please tell me i would love to know becouse we have a tornado watch, flash flood wearning, and thunderstorm watch let me know
Thank You

Anonymous said...

do cardinals make it rain do it tell you that there is going to be a tornado or thunderstorm please tell me because we have a tornado warning and watch, flash flood warning, and thunderstorm watch from plains ga.

Anonymous said...

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