Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bestest Blog

Well I got an email from Bobby that I'm bestest blog today! That is pretty cool. So welcome to any new visitors from Bestest Blog! It's nice to have ya.

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments and for the visits. I hope you will come back. Tomorrow is Sunday which means that you all get to pick the question of the day. So go ahead and leave one in the comments section and I'll get ya an answer tomorrow.


COxford said...

Entertaining blog, congratulations for winning the Bestest of the day.

C. Oxford

Phelan said...

Congrats Jessie!

Julie said...

Hey, yay for Jessie!!! Bestest Blog -- ooh la la!

Question Suggestion: (I feel like the Cajun Man from SNL)

What's your favorite TV show?

I love talking TV!

MerapuMan said...

Congrats! Which character in a movie that can best describe you?

Morgen said...

congrats on Bestest Blog!

if you were an ice cream cone, who would you want to lick you?

Peg said...

Congratulations! Your blog is a great choice for Blog o'the day!

Here's a Question idea:

If you could for a single day be a politician active in today's world, who would you be?

Keep up the great work!

... said...


first time here...

my suggestion : if you could be a fly on the wall,any wall in the world, which wall would you pick?!

though the other suggestions are good! :)