Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Where Were You On September 11, 2001

I was working at my job at a school. I was in the first grade class room and the principal came to get me. He pulled me out into the hall and took me to the office to tell me. He knew that my Dad lived in Boston and flew often so he wanted me to call and make sure he was okay. I couldn't get ahold of my Dad. All the lines were blocked there from all the calls and I couldn't get a thing. So while I waited I just sat and watched on TV. Eventually I got my younger sister out of her classes and we went home to wait.

Late in the afternoon I was able to reach my dad. He was safe and sound and no where near the airport!

Where were you that day?


Julie said...

It looks like everyone is posting this topic today on their own blog...you can see my response at flipthisbody.com

for what it's worth said...

I was in my class with my grade 2/3 class.
I wrote my poignant memory on my blog. If you're interested take a look.

Henry Martin said...

With the ladies, I wrote of this late Sunday night just as September 11 was arriving. Check it out at my blog for that day:


CactusFreek said...

It was about 11pm here in Australia and i just settled into bed while John [my hubby]stayed up watching tele.
There was a news flash and John told me a plane just crashed into the towers. I just thought it was a nasty accident.
Then he told me when the second plane hit, and you know what i thought?
"Geez that's a bit of bad luck!!"
Thinking it was a second accident.
That's my blonde moment for that day! lol

Phelan said...

I was at home. I post about it on my blog.

santa mistura said...

i was in tokio, and i cound´t go to NY because all airports was closed, i do fly the 12... so i stay at sunday waiting for to fly but i choice not to stay in NY sawing the smoke in the sky after 5 days of the terrorism action. In this moment i was think that it will change the economie of my country and we will start to live a very bad moments, but i never was thinking that this crisis never get end...
so i think also all world fell sad loking for so many innocent lifes full of dreams finish in so strange, stupid way

Billy Mac said...

I was in my car getting ready to do an inspection in SOuth Philly when my wife called and told me...I put the raidio on a listened a few minutes...got out of the car and poked my head into a pizza shop...me and the pizza guy...two strangers...talked like we were old friends in the wake of such a tragedy...I did the inspection...got in my car and went home for the day...I called my wife and told her to leave work and come home...we spent the day together as a family.

hondo said...

This is a particularly bitter memory for me. I worked, at that time, for SBC Communications (now ATT). My job was to answer phone calls, solve problems, and then to sell/sell/sell DSL, long distance, caller ID, and Cingular Wireless. When the first plane hit the WTC, the phone calls into the center stopped, because America was focused on this tragic event. I will never forget our sales manager, Paula B., running around the office as the second plane hit the WTC, yelling, "We won't be getting very many calls today! Maximize sales on the calls you get!" What a b---ch!
Weird Side Note---To this day, I can't listen to Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" without breaking down in tears. It's the song I listened to on the way home from work that day, and it tears me up even today.