Sunday, September 10, 2006

If You Were An Animal What Would You Be

I would be a turtle! I just think turtles are the coolest!!! My sister-in-law is terrified of turtles which I just don't understand. But I love them!

The hard shell on the outside, the squishy soft insides. I just think that is how I am. I seem tough and it takes awhile to get to know me but once you get inside the shell I'm a real softy!

What animal would you be?


Phelan said...

We have a slider turtle that we rescued a few years ago.

What animal would I be? A sloth. They don't have to work so hard to live.

Lizza said...

I would be a deer. There's an air of dignity and independence in them that appeals to me -- and I think they're just plain pretty. Yes, I'd like to be one that would roam far and wide, but be clever enough to hide during deer hunting season.

Meowkaat said...

Well, obviously I'm a kaat.
I wanted to comment because I haven't been here in a bit and I just read the news about your mom. I am so, so sorry. I know how you feel right now, and I want to extend an open invite to email me anytime you just want to talk about her. I have found that one of the toughest parts of grieving is when the initial period of mourning is over and you still want to talk about her/him and there's no one to hear, because everyone seems to have moved on. It's a horribly lonely place to live. I have in the past spent a lot of time wishing I had someone to talk to, not anything specific, but just to talk about my loved one who was gone. Email. Anytime.

Henry Martin said...

I would be a lion. The king of the beasts demands respect. He is on the top of the foodchain!

Besides, I would just LOVE to have a mane like his!

CactusFreek said...

Even though my fav animal is the meerkat, i think i would like to be a lioness. The pretty much sleep all day under a tree and only really get active to eat, and some lions have been known to have sex up to 50 times a day [fact] and that suits me too lol