Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What Is Your Favorite Drink

My favorite regular drink is Diet Dr.Pepper! I love it! My favorite alcoholic drink is a mudslide. I love that too!

What's your favorite drink?


Julie said...

Non-alcoholic = Lime LaCroix

Alcoholic = A good glass of Australian red wine

Bad-for-you-but-tastes-so-good = Chocolate Malt!

Henry Martin said...

I don't drink alcoholic drinks often, but a lime daquari is my favorite there.

Ordinarily, though, Sweetened Ice Tea has to be my all time favorite (with a splash of lemon).

CactusFreek said...

Black Jim Beam & cola in a can. Sweet sweet sweeeeeet [drooool]

Phelan said...

plain Ice tea

kimba said...

I can't make it through a day without a Diet Dr. Pepper !!! (not the wierd new flavors that just came out--just the original).

A well made, strong and spicy Bloody Mary, or aged (4-5 years) old merlot.

hondo said...

Non-alcoholic----it's a toss up between milk and Diet Coke.
Alcoholic---a toss up between Miller High Life beer and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.