Monday, September 18, 2006

What Are You Afraid Of

I'm horribly afraid of midgets. I know it's crazy. Don't even start leaving me comments about how mean and weird that is. Phobias are not rational folks! So my irrational phobia is that a little person will attack me. They just freak me out!

I'm always worried that they will like head butt me in the knee and then attack me. Their little nubby hands coming close to me just makes my heart race. Seeing a midget makes me panic. There are several that work at Wal-mart here. I've figured out what shifts they work and purposely avoid going there at those times.

At one point MTV True Life wanted me to be on their show "I Have A Phobia". They were gonna pay me $1500 to meet with a therapist and then confront my fears and let them tape it all. I said no way! Confront my fears meant putting me in a room with a hundred midgets and taping me freaking out. There isn't enough money in the world for me to do such a thing.

So what are you afraid of?

On a side note this is my 25th post. It is hard for me to believe that we have answered 25 questions already! So thanks to everyone for answering, asking, and just being a part of the first 25. If you have questions leave them in the comments and I will answer them on Sundays.


CactusFreek said...

People shouldn't leave you feedback on how "mean" your fear is, you can't help it. It's probably something really deep seeded from when you were a kid.

I am scared of balloons. They can and do pop at any minute and i HATE them! I can blow them up and i cant tie them, and i can't bare being around them!

I also don't like buses. When they go around a corner they feel like they are going to fall over. I avoid them wherever possible! When my son was about two, he was just getting into transport stuff, so we went on a bus ride around town. But i was sweating the whole way!

ghostrose said...

Spiders and contact lenses. Ugrh! Spiders are just disguisting, and contact lenses freak me out. I mean, why would you put something in your eye?

Actually I used to be terrified of balloons popping when i was younger. Boy your avatar is COOOL, Castusfeek. :-)

Phelan said...

Floating docks at night. I am a horror movie freak, but when I was rather too young to watch such gore, I was forced by a big brother to watch Saturday the 14th. After that I would no lainger take a bath and had to place a wash cloth over the drain to shower. {Got over that one} but the floating lake docks, oh hell no.

Julie said...

So are you frightened of midgets or dwarves? (midgets are the ones that look just like full-sized people, but shrunken, so they're all in proportion; and dwarves have normal sized torsos and heads, but shorter/smaller limbs, hands and feet.) I recommend you watch the TLC show, "Little People, Big World". The Roloff family is made of 2 dwarf parents, 3 full-size kids and 1 dwarf kid. They are really cool people and I've learned a lot about what it's like to be a dwarf from them. Maybe you should try to watch it to learn more about them, and then it won't be so scary anymore.

I'm afraid of heights when I'm not secured. Like standing on a platform high up when I'm not in a harness. I'm ok with heights when I'm "safe" though - like roller coasters & stuff.

LaughterThoughts said...

Have you ever seen that Goldie Hawn movie from the 70s... it was called Foul Play, I think. REading your post, I immediately thought of a scene in it where Goldie is fighting off a dwarf who's coming through her window or something like that. (I'm in no way trying to make light of your fear, so don't think that at all!)

Billy Mac said...


Henry Martin said...

I fear outliving everyone in my family. I have lost a son and a sister already.

I am seldom sick and I am only slightly overweight, with good cholesterol and textbook bloodpressure.

Yep, I see me at 103, by myself against the world. :-(

Anonymous said...

Totally with ya on the midget fear. I try not to show it bc I know that really insensitive, but what can I do?

hondo said...

I'm afraid of doing wrong by my family. Without my family, my life would be an empty shell. My family is my lifeline to God.

Portnoy said...

You are in good company with your fear of midgets. There's a terrifiying short story by Murakami that's right up your alley to recovery.... :) that or consider yourself in good company.

thanks for stopping by my blub. which would be a cross between a blog and a club. actually i think i'll use that in a way to critique the clique blogs... so i wouldn't want to be in any blub that would have me for a member. (to steal from woody allen)

ps - love not having to put a series of unreadable letters before posting.

Anonymous said...

Im very afraid of midgets and I feel guilty because of it. Unfortunately my family laughs at me every chance they get. I hope I am not teaching my kids to be prejadice but midgets are scary and make me feel ill. Disneyworld has lots of midgets working there and to my horror we had one as our waiter at a princess breakfast. I totally lost my appetite and started sweating and felt fidgety. I hope I didnt offend the guy.