Saturday, September 23, 2006

What Is Your Favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday is fast approaching. In fact it is today... Just kidding. But today is Rosh Hashanah. So if I was Jewish it may be my favorite holiday. But I'm not so my favorite holiday is actually Halloween. I just think it is a blast!

The dressing up, the candy, the kids all over the place, the fact that it is crisp and cool, the pumpkins! I just love it!!! I have so many Halloween decorations and I always get a HUGE pumpkin. Like at least 100 pounds. I just love pumpkins! So I'm psyched. Once October 1st rolls around I start putting out the decorations. Fun times ahead!

So what is your favorite holiday?

Also tomorrow is Sunday which means I answer your questions. So if you have one just post it and I'll get to it. If there is more than one I will just answer them throughout the week. Have a good one!


isokesa said...

Hi! Meowkaat introduced me to your blog. I'll try to make an effort to get here frequently. I have a bad habit of forgetting I have a computer...even though its in the livingroom. ~shrugs~

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I have kids so I get to be Santa. I love buying the things they ask for and watching their faces as they rip off the wrapping paper and see.

In our house the bestest present is from Santa. Mom and Dad buy you the other things...the smaller stuff, the pants, the shirts, the hoodies...but not the undies...that's Grandma's job. Ok, growing up that was MY grandma's job. My kids' grandma doesn't do undies. I save those for their birthdays. JOKING! I don't embarrass my kids like that. I have other ways. Muhahaha

Anyway. I like decorating for Christmas. I'm selfish about it though. I do it all my self usually. I don't like for the kids to help. Not that they want to...but I would be very huffy about it if they asked to. What can I say? I know me faults.

I have Christmas lights up taped up around the living and dining rooms all year long. I like to say I use them for atmosphere during parties, but the truth is they were a bitch to put up. I don't want to do it every year. Its easier to leave them up all the time.

My question for you is: What movie have you been meaning to watch but haven't gotten to yet?

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hondo said...

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I have family in California, Ohio and Indiana (I live in Indiana) and we all get together at Christmas time. Plus, my wife and I have 3 children (7-4-1) so Christmas has become a "Return To Never Land" experience for us. Also, we really emphasize the birth of Jesus (and what Jesus told us to do in this world) with our kids every year, so it's really exciting to see our children grow in their Christian faith.

Debbie said...

I guess my favorite holiday would be Christmas. I love giving presents and the decorations(I have a lot). I don't like taking is all down.

My question What is your favorite movie?

Anonymous said...

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, all the warmth of Christmas but not so much work. It's one seems to notice Thanksgiving much. It's been overshadowed by the holidays it's sandwiched between. Very nice post. I stopped in at your site because I noticed your graffiti wall and enjoyed my visit.

Anonymous said...

my favorite holiday is thanksgiving. not only is turkey dinner my fav. meal ever, but I love the crispness in the air, the colors of New England around that time, and the feeling of everyone you love together in one room devouring food and knowing you'll stay together over the next few hours. it's truly the best.

this is a fantastic blog...I've linked to you. I'd love it if you came by my blog and said hello. :)

Julie said...

Kwanzaa! ;-)

Ok, Halloween.

Sebastian said...

I'm gonna give you two answers. One will be based on more of a feeling while the other will be based on a more profound emotion.

Okay, so the touchy-feely part of me would say that Christmas is my favorite holiday which may seem absolutely absurd considering I don't even celebrate it! However, there is that nice feeling connected to it; the feeling of being inside- comfortable and warm- while it is cold and raining outside. It's family and comfort, I suppose that I like. I dislike the commercial aspect of the holiday, but it's pretty easy to disassociate myself from all of that. So while it may be that I like CHRISTMAS-TIME rather than the actual holiday, I do celebrate the winter solstace which is close (datewise) and I like it because it's nice to take the time to be stunned by the world around us.

My rational favorite holiday is November 11th. Now you might immediately recognize that as Veterans Day, but I don't celebrate it as such. Originally, November 11th was Armistice Day, back before world war 2 or something. World War 1 ended on November 11, 1918 at 11 in the morning with an armistice (truce). Not only was this the end to the horrible war, but it was symbolic to the people of the time. The day was glorified as Armistice Day, to remember how messed up and horrifying the war had been. The symbolic part I mentioned was that the Armistice felt to be a lasting peace that would mark World War One as the last war that would ever transpire on this world, and that was a source of hope and inspiration, that there wouldn't be any more destruction and violence on such a devastating scale. However, people later complained that it wasn't commemorating any other war veterans, which is why we have our modern "Veterans Day." But Armistice Day wasn't just a part of war memorabelia, but instead something very meaningful. Anyway, I celebrate my own Armistice every November 11th and it brings me some amount of hope, and a goal to work towards.

I hope you can find something in there that you connect with, but in any case, happy holidays!

Jessie said...

New Year's day, or Thanksgiving day(we call 'Chuseok' in Korea).

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