Thursday, December 07, 2006

What Are You Grateful For

I'm so very grateful that my brother-in-law Brian is home from Iraq! I'm so proud of him and the other troops. I'm also really proud of his wife Venus and their two children Dalton and Morghan. They made a big sacrafice this year. They loaned their daddy and husband to the world. And thankfully he came home to them safe and sound. Welcome home HERO!!!!

What are you grateful for?


Queenie said...

Blogger Beta. They just switched me over!
:D :D


Meany•Quinn said...

Today I am Grateful for you choosing my blog as Bestest Blog Of The Day Than you! I really appreciate all the nice things you said in the review. I also like visiting your blog so you are now linked.

Matt said...

I'm happy to hear about your family! That's great news.

Also, I'm grateful for soap. It keeps me so fresh and so clean.

Phelan said...

I am grateful for having a roof over my head, and having warmth and food for my children.

Fatima Mohamed said...

im grateful for every minute of my life, im grateful for the people around me that cares..