Sunday, December 10, 2006

Do You Want $15

**************Pay Per Post Ad*********************
I want $15.00! And right now Pay Per Post is offering $15.00 for each new person that joins Pay Per Post and is referred by me! I have signed up for the Pay Per Post affiliate program. So if you just click that cute little affiliate button on the right you can sign up too. You just need to have a blog that is at least 90 days old and has a minimum of 20 posts. The reasons they have those requirements are so people don't create a blog just to make blog money. I have really enjoyed doing Pay Per Post. I love the fact that I can pick the ads I want to take. If I don't like a product, company, or service I will not take the ad. If I do like it I post about it. In a little less than 2 months I have made right around $190.00 and I have another $370.00 coming to me in the next 30 days. So if you decide to click the cute PayPerPost affiliate button you can make some mad money and heck I can make $15! So get to clicking!!!

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Lisa said...

Just wanted to give you a heads up. It is very hard to read this post in the black font.