Thursday, December 28, 2006

Who Sold A House

I sold a house! How exciting is that!!! Now I only own one home instead of two. That's a good thing. Today was the closing on my old house so we are done and I have a check in my hot little hand. Buying that little house was such an awesome experience for me. I loved it. It was a great home. And I will miss it like crazy. What's amazing to me is that I bought it to just have a home. That's what I wanted. A safe little house just for me. But really it turned into a great investment. While I hadn't planned on selling it so soon and while I'm still a little sad about that I'm so grateful that I was able to make some money going through the process. If you are considering buying a home I would strongly encourage it. The security and financial benefits are worth it. This site explains better than I can some of the benefits of buying a home. So take the time to check out Doraville Homeownership.

So have you sold a house?

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Starrlight said...

Doraville? Lordy, you live RIGHT by the Ex BF variety :P