Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Who Has Gone To A Red Sox Game

I have gone to a Red Sox game. In fact I like the Red Sox quite a bit. I even have a Red Sox hat. I'm cool like that. But chances are I won't be back go Boston anytime soon so that means no games for me. But I could go to a spring training game if I could get Red Sox Spring Training Tickets. The spring training games are in Flordia and I like Flordia. In fact Flordia this time of year would be WONDERFUL. Some sun, some time at the beach, and a good old Red Sox game! Maybe I could even wear my super cool Red Sox hat! Now that would be way fun!!!

So have you gone to a Red Sox Game?


Kevin said...

Never been to a Sox game, but I live nowhere near Boston. I do go to several Cincinnati Reds game during the season, though.

Meany•Quinn said...

I've been to many Red Sox games. I am a Yankee fan living in Boston.