Saturday, December 30, 2006

Who Was Executed

Well Saddam Hussein of course. I have to tell you that I'm glad he is gone. No more of his evil ways. That's what the optimistic me wants to believe. But unfortunately his evil won't die with him. There are others out there that will simply step in and carry on his ways. But I do find some relief in the fact that he himself has been punished for his crimes. There is no way that he will personally hurt anyone else again. I'm amazed at how quickly the execution was carried out. The wheel of justice moves quickly there. If he was in the US he would have died on death row. So at least it is over and done with. For some reason though a part of me is a little saddened but the whole deal. I think it's just the idea that someone can do the kinds of things he has done and still even death isn't really enough of a punishment. It seems so easy. His pain was brief... Odd I guess....

What do you all think?


NoMas said...

I agree - see my post regarding Saddam - some other radical will just take his place.

Anonymous said...

The execution of Saddam was an unavoidable necessity. I am neither happy nor sad because the execution itself will not change anything.
As mentioned in the world news, will America make things better? Answer: Maybe. Will America make things worse? Answer: Definitely.
I strongly disagree that the situation in Iraq will change by executing Saddam.

Skittles said...

I believe in the death penalty and you're so right that had he been convicted here in the USA he would be facing years of appeals and such. I was actually caught off guard last night when I turned on the TV and saw that his day of reckoning was here.

I think justice has been done, but I will not be rejoicing in the streets as Fox News showed people near Detroit doing.

mylias said...

May his soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

human rights. no one deserves death. no one should decide that.
justice? there's no justice! what about the people that dies everyday in iraq? and, i think, only few people was worried about people who lived in iraq until bush decide to start all this.
you just want more and more power. someday you'll lose.