Thursday, December 21, 2006

How Do You Feel About Online Dating?

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In all honesty online dating has always scared me a little bit. There is the safety factor, is this guy gonna kill me, rape me, steal my identity... Okay so that's a little over the top but it scared me. Then their is the annoyance factor. Is this guy gonna tell lame jokes, be rude to the waitress, or wear a pocket protector. You just never really know what you are getting into and how long it will take you to get out. But now the site allows you the opportunity to have a wingman. No more sitting there alone trying to figure out how to get away from the weird guy. You take a friend or set up group dates. You can also select a day that you are free and schedule a date with the Date Now feature. The best part is that all the features are FREE! Now that takes some of the fear out of online dating doesn't it.

So how do you feel about online dating?



Starrlight said...

OMG. Could I write you a book or what? Except that I just popped over to leave ya a note that I will put up a link to the carnival for Dec 27th. And I am on my way out the door!

Tomorrow, I will share I promise :P

Starrlight said...

The ex boyfried variey was an online hookup. Unintentional hook up but hook up anyhow. We met via a game, Everquest, and I have to say, he was exactly who he seemed to be online.

If only he had a freakin job!

ps Blogged rolled all your blogs!

notfearingchange said...

I have many friends who have married people they have met online.

I have met men who think they are aliens....

Kiyotoe said...

it's a dangerous game ladies. From the male perspective, it's all about telling you what you want to hear.

and we all know that what you want to hear ain't always true.

but that's men for ya'.

Starrlight said...

Guys lie in person, too Kiyote. Heck some of them do it AFTER you marry them. It's pretty easy to figure out early on who is full of it and who isn't. In every type of relationship it all depends on maintaining your perspective!

CactusFreek said...

I met my husband online. We've been together 8 years and i still say it was the best choice i ever made!