Sunday, October 29, 2006

Do You Dress Up For Halloween

MeowKat left this question for me in the comments yesterday. And the answer is a very excited YES!!!! I love Halloween for many reasons but the #1 reason is that it is the one day out of the year that you can be anything you want and no one judges you. Wanna be a pregnant nun it's okay, a street walker super! If you wanna dress up as a clown or a witch it's just fun. So yes I will be dressing up for Halloween and this year I will be a lady bug. I'm the momma lady bug and Miss Lena my puppy will be dressing as a baby lady bug. She is not as excited about Halloween costumes as I am but I'm sure it will be great fun!

So do you dress up for Halloween and if so what are you going to be?


Phelan said...

I will wear a dress and wear make-up. Most the time I am in jeans and t-shirt, no make up, so one time a year I freak everyone out and look like the girl I really am.

Richard said...

I havent dressed up for Halloween in years. I am way too shy to dress up in public.I would always jsut wear my everday normal work clothes and claim that I came dressed as myself. Corny I know, but it worked.

Barb said...

Awww.. I bet you two were cute!