Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What Is The Best Costume That You Saw Today?

I think the best costume that I saw today was a little Lion boy named Caden! He was adorable! His costume was great and he was the nicest lion I have ever met. His roar wasn't even scary, though he tried real hard to make it that way.

I really didn't have many people come by for candy. I need to live in a more kid friendly neighborhood. I did see a grim reaper walking across the Wal-Mart parking lot today and that made me laugh.

So what is the best costume that you saw today?


Phelan said...

I was all bloody faced at the grocers today. A teen boy came walking through like nothing was off, he was wearing an outfit that made him look like he was riding a yellow ostrich. I couldn't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

This evening I almost walked into a 6 foot penile erection. Then I did run into a 60 year old man-bride. Both of them made me watch where I was going very carefully.

Meowkaat said...

my son, like I said in my post today... he had on a hoody and jeans and had broken a fake blood capsule in his mouth. He was "a kid in a sweatshirt wiht a bloody lip".hehehe.
Jessie- where is the picture meme? I cannot find it.

Cricket Wagoner said...

You know I don't "do" the H word but... you shamed me into it. The best costume was a little kid dressed like the Michelin Man. Thats the cartoon commercial that looks like he's got white tires up and down his body including his arms. I asked the little kid what he was supposed to be. He said a bunch of tires, my Dad sells them... Too funny

CactusFreek said...

My husbands birthday suit that night lol

CactusFreek said...

My husbands birthday suit that night lol

Sorry, couldn't resist lol