Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What Do You Fear Losing The Most

This question comes courtesy of Cricket. And I have two things that I fear losing the most. They are tied so closely that I don't know which I fear the most so I'll tell ya both of them. One would be my self-respect. I would hate to lose that! And the other would be my entire family. I fear like a huge freak accident that would wipe out my entire family and leave me very alone. So losing all of them or my self respect would be the worst!

What do you fear losing the most?

Thanks also for all the great comments. I've had many new visitors lately and I sure appreciate the interaction. I so enjoying getting a chance to know my readers better!!!


CactusFreek said...

My children and husbad.

CactusFreek said...

husbad = husband lol

Matt said...

Losing my family is such a horrible thought it's almost impossible to hold. But on a lighter note, I lost my internet connect for about ten minutes this morning and got a little frothy around the mouth region.

Anonymous said...

Losing my son, which I had to deal with recently when he had a serious car accident. Luckily, his guardian angel was with him and he came out unscathed.
Found you from Bestest...come visit THE COUCH

Stewart Sternberg said...

I fear losing my imagination. I remember a long time ago sitting in the dark and obsessing about this.

Barb said...

My virginity *blink*