Sunday, October 15, 2006

Do You Like Thunderstorms

I love thunderstorms. There is just something relaxing about hearing pouring rain. I love watching lightening, as long as I'm inside. And thunder is an amazing thing to listen to! I just love storms.

So do you like thunderstorms?

Tomorrow is Sunday which of course means that I answer one of your questions. So feel free to leave me one in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I love storms as well.

Secret Sara said...

I love thunderstorms. Just love them. I always hate being at work when it's storming though .. I hate having to miss out!

jbwritergirl said...

I love the sound of thunder as well as the far off sound of the early trains that blow just a few times to let you know that they have been here.

Looks like today we may get some rain...not sure if there will be any lightening or thunder though.


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CactusFreek said...

Thunderstorms are one of my favourite ever things!!

BHR said...

Our summer just officially started with the fist storm. We have some of the most amazing storms in the world here in Johannesburg South Africa. It's about six or seven months since the last rains, so you can imagine how great it is to see them again.
Cheers and keep well from a blog surfer. Bob

Anonymous said...

hey secret sara i would LOVE to bolt you with my rod!