Sunday, October 22, 2006

What Is The Temperature

It's a whole 34 degrees here tonight. The high today was 39! And it poured most of the day. This was the first day of cold here. I kinda like it. I had forgotten how much I love being all bundled up and warm. I have really cute winter clothes! I love that!!!

So what is the temperature where you are at?

Also tomorrow is Sunday so be sure to leave a question if you can think of one and I'll answer it!


Martina said...

Hey Jessie,
I'm from Kassel, Germany. Today it's partly cloudy here, but no rain (not yet) - 15°C.
I like your blog - I have similar thoughts, good to know somewhere out there's a soulmate...

Anonymous said...

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CactusFreek said...

NSW Australia approx 14C

Anonymous said...

whatever temp you have, I have something close. I do know it's chilly out tonight.


Hi Jessie

Not chilly here, I am in Dubai and the temperature is 91 degrees F here today!

No jumpers or coats here for me!

Love the blog - keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessie, i am from Dhahran Saudi Arabia and the temp was39C today whew!!!
It hurts my long-distance running