Monday, October 30, 2006

What Are You Really Horrible At?

I'm totally horrible at riding a bike. I seriously had training wheels till I was like 12. No lie! I had the training wheels and finally my dad said I had to take them off. That I couldn't have them anymore. So we took them off and then I just wrecked my bike all the time. And then I quit riding it because I was sick of falling off the stupid thing or running into things.

A couple years ago I tried to ride a bike again and it was still all bad. Falling over and embarrassment. I can do without it! What's crazy though is I love bikes. I'm always fascinated by them. I think they are pretty. Other people have pretty bikes and I always want one. Then I try and about kill myself. So I don't think I should try a bike again anytime soon.

So what are you really horrible at?


Anonymous said...

My tummy is pretty bad at processing lactose. Sometimes I'm okay, and sometimes I get mud butt. Eating cheese is like playing russian roulette with my buttocks but I still really like cheese.

Anonymous said...

Dealing with people

richard said...


Barb said...

..leaving my computer

CactusFreek said...

I am THE most unorganized person on earth!!!
If i had the money i would seriously hire a proffesional organizer to sort my house out! lol