Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What Kind of Toothpaste Do You Use

Today's question comes courtesy of my best friend Darby (Who I will be talking about on XM channel 156 tomorrow with OPRAH). Darby wanted to know what kind of toothpaste I use. I use Crest Cool Mint Gel! Love the stuff. I've used it since I was a little kid and couldn't use anything else. I'm not into the paste, YUCK! I don't like the funky flavors. Who needs all that. I eat food for flavor, I brush my teeth for clean. So Cool Mint Gel is the thing for me.

What kind of toothpaste to you use?


Amanda said...

Ewwww Jess how can you use that stuff. It reminds me of the bubble gum flavored paste as a kid, I just cant do it. I am a Crest Whitening Peppermint paste with Scope kinda girl!! Love it. What is about the Oprah show??

Anonymous said...

whatever is on sale

CactusFreek said...

Colgate total

Barb said...

You blog is like one of those fun quizzes!