Friday, January 05, 2007

Who Do You Use For Car Insurance?

The whole car insurance thing is driving me nuts! I've been trying for weeks to find affordable car insurance. What I actually want is a good rate for the house and the vehicles combined. Is that really to much to ask for? I just want one cheap car insurance quote! I don't think it helps that Heather is now included in my insurance. A 19 year old always jacks the rates up. She hasn't had any tickets and is a good driver but it doesn't matter. But she did get hit by a semi not to long ago. It just broke out her taillight but I'm sure that doesn't help... Crazy teenage drivers. But anyways I'm getting off topic. What I need is affordable car insurance. So if you know of the bargain insurance let me know.

So who do you use for car insurance?


NoMas said...

We use Geico. they have consistently offered us the lowest rates and when Hubby was in an accident (another driver rear-ended him and totalled his car), Geico had a check in the mail within 2 weeks! Those silly commercials do not exaggerate.

Snowy said...

Good post.

Abigail David said...

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