Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Did You Make A New Year's Resolution

I did not make any New Year's resolutions. Resolutions never work for me. By the end of the month I've forgotten about them so I just don't set myself up for failure. But I do always reevaluate some areas of my life around the New Year to may sure I'm on track. One thing is always my weight. This year I'm on track with that. I've been working out regularly for months now, I'm eating well, and my blood sugar has been fairly stable so that is good! Thank God!!!

Another thing I focus on is time management. I have always had a difficult time balancing work, school, and myself and my family life. It's something I struggle with often. Right now I seem to be managing alright but I start back to Grad School in a couple of weeks so I really need to prioritize and stay on top of this or I'll be running around like a crazy woman in no time.

I have come across a time management e-book that I think will help me. It has some good ideas about prioritizing, using a to do list effectively, eliminating useless work, and overcoming procrastination. So hopefully the book and the website will help me keep things on track!

So did you make a resolution? If so what is it?


Chelle & Chel said...

I don't make resolutions cuz I never keep them. If I did, I'd be skinny, out of debt, and nice all the time. LOL


Velcro said...

To ween myself off of cigarettes and eat healthier and lose 30lbs.

msquared said...

I guess I always felt that resolutions where just a waste of time