Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Who Knows A New Blogger

I know a new blogger named Lanie. Lanie is just getting started blogging, like she has a couple entries. I work with Lanie and kinda peer pressured her into blogging. I'm a bully like that sometimes. I just know that she will be great at it. Lanie knows a ton about fashion and style and things I don't know about. She always has the cutest hair in the office and the girl is a traveling fool lately. So I think she will have a lot to blog about.

So I was hoping that maybe some of my visitors that have been so kind and given me such great feedback could swing by Lanie's place and tell her hi. Maybe you could give her some nice advice about blogging. I've told her about The Bestest Blog of All Time, Wordless Wednesday's, Thursday Thirteen, etc. Maybe you could tell her about your favorite blogging tool and help her get going. If you stop by tell her I said hi!

While you are stopping by places make sure you stop by Dr. Blogstein's for the Bestest Blog Carnival 1.3. He did an amazingly funny job on this carnival. So stop by and see who is in it... I think that I might be...

So do you know a new blogger? If you do tell me where to find them and I'll go visit and give them a shout out here.


NoMas said...

I will surely visit Lanie.

Another new blogger is Quenten at

Velcro said...

Cool... I'll check out her blog.

Lanie Magpie said...

Thanks Jessie for that awesome little tribute there! Also, thanks to those who took their time to head over and check it out!
Thanks! I look forward to reading much more from everybody.

Chelle & Chel said...

Jessie!! We saw your review on Bestest Blog! Thanks so much! You're awesome!

We're blushing now!

Chelle & Chel

squirrel said...

I visited her and commented today! I found you on the VIP Lounge!

Craig said...

I know of a new blogger too ;-)

I've started blogging this year as a new years resolution.

Let me know what you think