Thursday, January 11, 2007

Have You Heard Of This Website

I stumbled upon this website today and you have to visit it! The site just launched on January 8th so it is very new but really is a great idea. What they do is provide independant artists an outlet to showcase their music. Then listeners, like me, and hopefully you can come and check out the new music. For just launching they have a pretty good selection of artists and I had fun searching through the different genres. I really like independent artists. I love that they are still hungry and work so hard to put out fresh music. So this is a site that I have now bookmarked as a favorite.

Since the site did just release not all of their features are up yet. But some of the upcoming features include a music player so you can manage all your favorite artists, a play list editor, a page builder and a CD creator. So I know that even though they are already off to a great start they will have even more great features to come. Something to look forward to.

So had you heard of this website before this post?

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Starrlight said...

What a great idea!